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Two's Company (standard:action, 7290 words)
Author: GoodsharkeyAdded: Aug 28 2003Views/Reads: 2218/1304Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A heist, a long road and a lot of money...

The desert stretched out for miles all around, disappearing into the
hazy line dividing land and sky. All was silent. The heat was intense, 
even sound waves were too hot and tired to travel. The only thing 
moving was the dark blue Mustang making it's way along the long winding 
road. Although technically it was a dark blue Mustang, it was covered 
in a thick layer of sand and dirt giving it almost the chameleon like 
property of disappearing into the surrounding desert. The dust thrown 
up by the wheels settled quickly without any wind to keep it airborne, 
and no sooner had the car passed than it gave the impression of never 
having been there. 

Inside sat Jake. He sat back in the front passenger seat, his feet
sticking out of the open window. His baseball cap pulled down over his 
eyes. He wasn't sleeping; he just didn't want to have to talk to 
Cooper. Straining, even with his shades, to see in the blinding sun, 
Cooper was driving. His arm dangling lazily through the window. His leg 
was aching. He wished he had cruise control. There was nothing worse 
than these endless roads for bringing on leg cramps. He looked across 
at Jake, who seemed to have fallen asleep. How he could sleep in this 
intense heat, Cooper didn't know. "Jake! You awake?" Jake didn't 
respond. "This heat is a bitch ain't it?" "You said it." mumbled Jake, 
trying not to sound too interested. "So." Continued Cooper, "What you 
gonna spend your half on?" Jake didn't answer. "Jake!" Cooper slapped 
his shoulder. "God damn it Coop!" Jake swung his legs back in to the 
car and pushed his cap up from his eyes. "I said, what ya gonna spend 
the money on?" continued Cooper. "A car with air conditioning...... I 
don't know. Lots of things." "I'm gettin' a boat. A big boat. Then I'll 
never have to eat sand again." Jake looked out of the window. Desert, 
all the way off to the distant mountains. He reached over to the back 
seat and grabbed a metal flask. As he unscrewed the lid it hissed as a 
small amount of steam escaped from inside. He took a swig and flinched. 
"Jesus, this water's hot! Couldn't you have bought a proper flask?" 
"It's metal Jake, I thought it'd reflect the heat." "It doesn't work 
like that you prick. It has to be a vacuum flask. You may as well have 
bought a fucking kettle!" He closed the canister and threw it onto the 
back seat. It landed on top of a large canvas bag. Jake looked down at 
the bag, then slowly he looked up at Cooper. He hated Cooper. Cooper 
was stupid, and yet he had a large head. A ridiculously large head. 
Even taking into consideration the fact that his head was no doubt 
swollen in this heat, it was still incredibly large. "Can't be long 
'til that last road block." Said Cooper looking up the long endless 
road ahead of them. "Yeah. Not long now." 

Cooper watched Jake from the corner of his eye. He didn't like Jake.
Jake was way too smart. It was like he was always thinking, always 
calculating. He had a bad feeling about this partnership they'd 
started. However Jake was very good at organising and they wouldn't be 
here without him. He'd organised the ins and outs of the heist, got the 
guns and sorted the cars. They'd used one for the get away and then 
swapped to the Mustang they were in now. All Cooper had done was be at 
the back door at the right time. However, he had an uneasy feeling 
about Jake. As if he was planning something else. Cooper was planning 
something else. His mind was ticking over, working out just how he was 
going to get rid of his partner. The desert could hide a lot of things, 
he thought, looking out over the barren landscape around them. His 
thoughts were interrupted. "When we reach the road block, we do same as 
last time yeah?" asked Jake. "Sure." "Only this time, you get in the 
trunk." "Sure, sure." 

Jake looked across at Cooper's big head. He was stupid and yet he'd been
working at the bank for three years and so was above suspicion. Jake 
had needed an inside man for the heist to work. After the job had been 
pulled, they had made their escape in a stolen pick up truck, changing 
to the Mustang when they'd reached the edge of town. Jake lifted his 
cap from his head and ran his fingers through his hair. It was damp and 
untidy. The heat had made it stick to his forehead. He leaned towards 
the open window and let the air blow through it. It was warm air but it 
felt good. He wiped the dirt from the side mirror and looked at his 
reflection. He looked a mess. He hadn't shaved for three days and his 
stubble was thick. He removed his shades to reveal his dark eyes. He 
hadn't slept properly for so long and his legs felt cramped. Cooper 
continued to observe him. Soon they'd be at the last roadblock and, as 
they'd agreed, it would be his turn to hide in the trunk. Jake had 
decided that as the cops would be looking for two men, if one of them 
hid then hopefully they'd be able to pass by without being stopped. At 

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