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EX: Goober and the Minnesota Kid (standard:Creative non-fiction, 2094 words)
Author: KinslayerAdded: Aug 29 2003Views/Reads: 2151/1350Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
You know the drill, just pounding out revisions.

It was frustrating sifting through page after page of help wanted ads.
Every job required a college education or two years experience, so when 
the opportunity to work with my fiancé's father became an option, I 
accepted. It was a good job with decent pay and came with all the 
benefits, medical, dental, 401k, the works. On top of it all I was 
given clout. 

On my first day my alarm awoke me at six-thirty, much earlier then I had
been getting up. Dragging my sorry ass into the shower and being too 
tired to do much; I stood there for fifteen minutes. Figuring my body 
was covered in enough water I dried off. I wanted to look nice so I 
combed my hair then pulled a shirt from the closet. It was wrinkled, so 
ironing it seemed to be the right thing to do. First I was careful to 
iron the sleeves, and then I adjusted the back. That's when the odd 
smell hit me; I checked my pits but couldn't locate it. It was an 
honest mistake I thought, snatching up the iron from the now solid spot 
on the carpet. Mark knocked on the door about then to pick me up. When 
he saw me, I looked like a train wreck. 

“Ready for work eh?” 

“Oh yeah eh.” I replied mocking his thick Minnesotan/Canadian accent.
“You ready to work me like a dog?” 

“Oh yeah, ya betcha.” It was going to be a long day. 

When we arrived at the office I was stunned, it was a five story
building in the heart of downtown. It sure beat the hell out of the old 
buffet that I was working at before; I never imagined I would grace 
such a place as this. It reminded me that I owed a lot to my fiancé, 
even after we had separated and I quit my job, ended up homeless with 
nothing but a car. She was there. 

Mark had always been good to me; I had been with his daughter since the
beginning of high school. He called me his non-taxable dependent, 
seeing as I spent more time at his home then my own. He had never had a 
son and liked my personality and sense of humor. I was treated like his 
son all through high school, going on cross-country trips with the 
family to see other family. I knew he didn't have to do it but it made 
me feel welcome. 

My first day was wonderful and I tried desperately not to screw up.
Making sure to listen meticulously to every word Mark told me, I 
thought some of it might sink in. He took me from cubical to cubical 
and introduced me to everyone, although the names went in one ear and 
was pushed out by next. 

Within the week I had become very good at avoiding people; I learned all
the shortcuts through the building and could go all day without having 
to see anyone's face that would be expectant of remembrance. I started 
taking the fire escape when I kept getting cornered in the elevator and 
being asked how I was doing. Starring at them intensely usually 
quenched this thirst everyone seemed to have for knowledge of my 

I had no interest in the outside world and it had no interest in me. I
liked it that way; routinely lapsing into a world of fantasy was an 
everyday occurrence. You could call me an escapist, but I prefer 

Don't get me wrong, I was very good at my job, having everything
completely sorted in just a few short minutes, understanding how the 
shipping programs worked, and even remembering which people were on 
what floor. But being social has never been my forte, and being social 
with strangers even less so. No one seemed to mind though, I did my job 
and could be courteous when speaking, or going into detail why I ship 
one way and not the other. It was all going quite well until I saw her. 
She had been on vacation the first two weeks I was working but on the 
third I had to deliver a package to her cubical. She was radiant, the 
most delicate and beautiful female I had yet to behold, and her name 
was Stephanie. 

When I first saw her I was taken aback, left breathless and wanting to
see more, her body made me quiver. Thin by no account but instead a 
lovely thickness, along with the shapely hips. I couldn't take my eyes 

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