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Ron Ran: Shrinking Prince- The Legend of Great Princes (standard:fairy tales, 826 words)
Author: cool danAdded: Sep 14 2003Views/Reads: 2739/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Probably the best story you will read on this site. No further explanation is needed. JUST READ IT!!

Ron Ran: Shrinking Princes-The Legend of Great Princes 

Long ago, a few centuries ago, there lived two young princes named
Ronald and Ranald.  Ranald lived in France, and Ronald lived in 
England.  Back then, the royal families had mystical powers within 
themselves (Nowadays, we don't see any wizards or sorceress in this 
world, because there are no more royal families on the earth. Well that 
excludes "Harry Potter folks." England still has their king and queen.) 
Unfortunately, England and France weren't exactly friends with each 
other.  Whenever they had a chance, they would try to conquer each 

When Ronald was 7, his father, King of England, and his pregnant mother
decided to go somewhere peaceful and take a break.  Before they left 
England, he gave Ronald a golden necklace with half a heart and made 
Ronald swear an oath that he would never lose the necklace, and would 
guard it with his life.  Ronald did. 

Finally, Ronald's father and mother went on a journey.  The time went
quickly, Ronald was 20, and he hadn't seen his parents they left.  One 
day Ronald received a letter from his parents.  The letter said, "My 
son Ronald, my honored royal son, I name you the King of England with 
all of its royal powers.  I am sorry I couldn't see you for a while, 
and will probably never see you again in this world.  In France, the 
plague, "The Black Death" has spread out and killed millions of good 
people.  I confess that one of the victims was your mom...and-I have 
boils on my body, and I think I'll die within the night.  I am so sorry 
my son.  But do you remember the necklaces?  Please keep the necklaces 
my son.  You know how it has only half a heart, well, you new born 
brother, Ranald has the rest of the heart on his necklace.  It's going 
to help you to find your brother....I feel my time is coming....I wish 
to rest.  Ah, it was a long life and I will soon meet my lovely wife 
again.  I want you to know that I loved you all the time, I still love 
you.  My son, please hold this nation strong. Bye.  My son Ronald. The 
King of England John." 

This surely broke the grown Ronald's heart.  He ripped at his clothes,
and cried for his parents for two full moons.  All of England was 
sorrowful for the loss of their great king and queen. 

The wrath ignited the passionate King Ronald's mind.  Back then people
believed that the "Black Plague" came and killed people because of 
evilness.  King Ronald knew people believed that his parents had been 
evil, and this evilness had caused their death.  He wanted to destroy 
this thought into tiny pieces.  His flaming rage made him rapidly group 
his armies and invade France. 

In France, a grateful prince named Ranald was having a hard time trying
to cure the "Black Plague" with his mystical powers.  There was no cure 
for this pernicious blight.  Suddenly, Ranald felt a foreboding sense 
of peril. His hair stood on edge, his teeth clenched, and his angular 
jaw tensed.   He perceived that England had launched an attack and was 
going to seize France. 

Ronald was sullen and solemn over the grievous death of his parents, and
now, England was quickly advancing on his territory.  Ronald needed to 
gather his battalions and protect his country.  He quickly summoned his 
men, advanced to the border line and waited for England's impending 

After a few tense days, the armies clashed. Ronald decreed all out war
between the hostile countries, and Ranald accepted the challenge.  
Ronald shot salvos at the vulnerable English men. 

At that sight, supported by bloody wrath, Ronald released an ancient
magic spell on Ranald.  Suddenly, Ranald started shrinking.  As Ranald 
was shrinking, Ronald ran up to Ranald and bared his helmet to clear 
his throat.  Then he saw it-the half of the heart.  He was about to 
kill his brother. 

Ronald said, “Ranald, is that you?  My brother?  As he pulled out his
own necklace and matched the broken heart necklaces.  Then the two 
brothers hugged together for a long time.   Ronald felt guilty for 
shrinking his own brother.  So he asked for his forgiveness and Ranald 
granted it. 

Finally, the ancient magic surrounded the two brothers and started to
shrink both.  They shrunk in each other's arms until nobody could see 
them.  Then there was an enormous light, and it blinded the two armies 
for awhile.  When both armies could see, they realized that all the 
weapons were gone. 

The unknown brother's love made a truce between the two armies.  Their
bodies were gone, but somehow their necklaces were still there.  That 
is how nowadays people wear these half of a necklace to symbolize their 
friendship.  You need to remember Ronald and Ranald's brother ship was 
sealed to the death.  That is the legend of the two necklaces 


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