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Ankirah (standard:science fiction, 1856 words)
Author: Dark RiverAdded: Sep 17 2003Views/Reads: 1921/1229Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story about a young brennalyan and a beautiful creature of his time, lethyas.


The deafening noise of a spaceship that flew almost touching the ground
made the young Brennalyan startle. Rather mechanically than 
instinctively, due to the imminent danger, he jumped off the bed with a 
warrior-like movement which didn't fit him at all, grabbed the weapon 
at hand near the bed and rushed to the door of the shelter. His two 
sisters had been woken up too. 

“ What happened Tassyan? Who was it?” a gently voice was heard coming
from the back of the shelter. 

“ Nothing happened, stay calm. It might have been one of the damned
Accanian ships. But they didn't see us, the ship passed away”, answered 
the young man in a low voice returning to bed. 

He put aside his weapon, a generator of power fields being able to
destroy everything around one mile and wrapped himself in a dusty 
tattered blanket. He hated that weapon. That sort of weapon had been 
used to kill his both parents two weeks before. While he and his 
sisters were in the old city looking for some food among the ruins left 
by the interplanetary war, a spaceship similar to the one that woken 
him, landed near their shelter. Two Accanians, each carrying a weapon 
like Tassyan's in their hands, got off. One of them entered the shelter 
where his mother was, he aimed at her without saying a word and a 
moment later, the person Tassyan loved the most was only dust. His 
father who had been one mile away trying to mend an old propelling 
capsule when the Accanian ship landed, ran to the shelter terrified of 
what might happen. He saw the other Accanian outside checking his 
weapon. Taking advantage of his lack of attention, the Brennalyan took 
out his little laser gun and shot at him. The portly Accanian dropped 
dead making a horrifying roar. On entering the shelter, he heard a 
fizzing sound and a second later the Brennalyan's body disintegrated 
into reddish grains of dust. 

The Accanians were known as reward hunters and their planet, Accania,
was light years away from little Brennalya. Those dreadful warriors 
killed at will in cold blood everything that moved. They were more than 
one hundred kilos weight. They had flat heads, dark hair and cunning, 
small strangely red eyes. Their hands having four, long, stumpy fingers 
were able to crush without difficulty any living thing on Brennalya. 
They rarely came on the lonely planet where Tassyan lived, because they 
could find nothing there. 

Brennalya had been almost completely destroyed after the interplanetary
war. Only about one hundred Brennalyans had survived because, when the 
explosion had erased every living creature on the planet, they had been 
at an official meeting in order to appease the interplanetary conflict 
on Meros, an interplanetary Center of Command situated at two light 
years from Brennalya. 

Tassyan together with his two sisters, Kassyra and Metuah lived in a
shelter which, when Brennalya was destroyed two years before, was in 
fact a blockhouse where war armament was stored. Only a room of one 
hundred square meters left of it after the destructive explosion. There 
were three improvised beds and a shining metal table used as a night 
table. A piece of an old mirror hanging on the left wall of the shelter 
was used by Kassyra and Metuah to dress up in the morning every two 
weeks when they would go to look for food in the old city situated at 
four hours' walk. There they chanced to meet one or two lonely natives 
who themselves were looking for cans of food they hoped to find among 
the ruins left by the explosion. 

Brennalyans were so friendly that only by smiling they could become
friends for life not only with each other but also with other species. 
They were not tall, few men were 1,80 meters. They always smiled and 
their eyes were so serene that only creatures with cold blood like 
Accanians could kill such kind beings. The clear complexion of their 
soft skin gave them a special aura. They had no hair but it didn't 
alter at all their pleasant presence. 

One hour after the ship's flying over their shelter, Tassyan could
hardly get off his bed rubbing his eyes. 

“ Metuah, Kassyra, get up! said he to his sisters. It's late and we must

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