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No Looking Back (standard:drama, 1774 words)
Author: PuckAdded: Sep 14 2000Views/Reads: 3041/1525Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It's about a girl who decides to take a vaction to Florida with her boyfriend in an attempt to get him to want to marry her.

The gentle ocean breeze swept across her face as she sat down against
the palm tree. The warm sand felt good on her bare toes. She sighed, 
tucking a tress of chestnut brown hair behind her ear. She leaned back 
against the tree, feeling the anger wash over her. They had had this 
talk before. She would never understand his point of view. Why couldn’t 
he love her as much as she loved him? Why had she wasted so much of her 
life forcing herself to believe his admissions of love were true? The 
lap of the waves on the beach calmed her somewhat and she closed her 
eyes slowly. She could feel reality slipping away. 

Two years ago he had shared with her his deepest and darkest feelings.
It was then they became an inseparable couple. Doing everything 
together. They moved in together, they attended college together, 
everything. Their friends called them an old married couple, and 
constantly teased them about their “wedding date.” (A wedding that had 
never happened. And with Chad’s attitude, never would.) Kate couldn’t 
understand why Chad felt the way he felt. She had tried everything she 
possibly could to change his mind. She loved him. She knew that she 
would never love anyone the way she loved Chad. As cliched as it was, 
he was her soulmate. They were meant to be together. She dreamed of the 
day she would become Mrs. Chad Jacobson. But he had never even come 
close to proposing. He never said he didn’t love her, but he also never 
gave off any signals he wanted her to be his till death do you part. 
The trip to Delray Beach was supposed to be romantic. Just the two of 
them, alone in paradise. And Kate was hoping the trip would have Chad 
hearing wedding bells in his head. Obviously, with the hellish fight 
they had just had, it wasn’t working. 

It started out smoothly. They had arrived at the hotel early and the
weather was beautiful. They quickly checked in, and the bellboy took 
their belongings to their suite. The suite was gorgeous. King sized bed 
with blood red satin sheets. An en-suite jacuzzi, and a breathtaking 
view of the beach. Chad had quickly removed his shirt, revealing his 
tan muscular torso. She moved over to him and had ran her finger over 
his abdomen, tracing over each muscle. He bent and kissed her slowly. 

“This trip was a good idea Kate. It’s so great here. The beach, the palm
trees, the salty ocean air, you...” He put his arm around her waist and 
pulled her close. He gently brushed her hair from the nape of her neck 
and kissed it gently. 

She looked up at him and ran her hand through his dark blonde hair. She
loved him so much. She was really hoping this trip would accomplish 
what she needed it to.  “Well thank you. You are pretty great yourself 
Mr. Jacobson.” She grinned and tickled him mercilessly until he grabbed 
her hands, begging her to stop. 

“Well I don’t know about you, but I am getting out onto that beach. The
ocean is calling my name.” He unzipped his suitcase and began rummaging 
around for his swim trunks. 

“Sounds good to me, I could use a tan.” She replied, pulling her
two-piece bikini out of her well-organized suitcase. She changed 
quickly, grabbing her beach towel and tanning lotion. 

“Damn you look hot in that suit Kate.” He grinned wolfishly. He had
finally found his trunks and pulled them on, grabbing his towel. He 
began to head for the door. 

Kate grabbed his arm, turning him around to face her. She leaned into
his chest and kissed the cleft in his chin. “I love you Chad.” She said 

He nodded his head. “Great, now let’s hit the beach!” He threw the door
open and headed out, not even waiting for her to follow. 

She sighed and followed him out to the beach. 

The sun was hot and the water was just perfect. There were people
everywhere, but the crowd was comforting. A couple little boys had 
started building a sandcastle. She had swam a bit before retiring to 
the sandy beach to get some well-needed UV rays. Chad had came over to 
rub her down with lotion. (Of course he never missed a chance to touch 
her.) She had just fallen asleep when a cold hand touched her arm. 

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