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Love From Afar (standard:romance, 362 words)
Author: Hopeless RomeoAdded: Dec 07 2000Views/Reads: 2567/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Prose. The silent reflections of the hopeless romantic who watches his love from afar.

Love From Afar 

I watch her pass in adoration; somewhat in awe, as a flutter, a wash of
tingles spans my body.  It penetrates to the heart of me, her mere 
presence.  The creamy, soft skin which helps to define her admirable 
features.  The long, flowing hair, with a subtle white to depict a 
shine, a glisten against the otherwise blackish-brown.  And with a 
strange sort of charisma she hypnotizes me, draws me into a trance of 
sorts, where all of my thought is focused on her. 

Something about her envelops my consciousness, swallows up my awareness
instantly and sends pulsating through me what many have described but 
few can explain.  An unnamed rush, surge, lurch of feeling hits me like 
electricity, igniting my blood and sending my heart racing, overloaded 
with adrenaline.  I wait for it to pass, but the more I think the more 
intense this anonymous feeling gets.  The surge continues to pulse with 
each loud and rapid beat of my heart. I try to turn away but my eyes 
will not divert.  They rather stay focused on the imposingly beautiful 
figure.  Passing, cool and sublime, silently stealing my heart.  Even 
her walk, the calm and collective utilization of her whole admirable 
form, possesses an idiosyncrasy such that can only be perceived through 
the eyes of one who is in love. 

It is an incredible thing how a man, once he has fallen for someone, can
notice the smallest thing and turn it mentally into an angelic trait.  
How he can notice her flaws and love her more for them.  It is amazing 
how a man can feel such impossible feelings at the mere sight of her.  
Amazing how his life can fall to pieces when he's not around her.  
Such is my case.  More than infatuation, I have fallen for her.  It is 
a feeling I cannot change, a feeling I cannot explain.  And while she 
may be out of reach, while she may be unattainable, I'd not give up 
these feelings if I could.  For I have fallen in love, and am happy 
with this fact, even if it can never be more than love from afar. 


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