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EX2: Jacob (standard:drama, 1027 words)
Author: KinslayerAdded: Sep 30 2003Views/Reads: 2039/1363Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My submission for the next TOF Project.

Jacob sat in the chair and rocked back and forth like the steady pulse
of a metronome. His back was to a glass window where inside sat his 
parents. They were talking to a man but Jacob didn't know that. He was 
too busy thinking of the car trip there. The car was new to him; he had 
never ridden in one before. When his mother rolled down the window he 
had stuck his head out and pretended to be a dog. They all had a good 
laugh then and Jacob laughed now thinking about it. 

He noticed that the person sitting at a desk in the room with him was
staring. Not liking that, he quieted down and returned to rocking. 
Feeling like he had been waiting for hours, he turned to the glass. His 
mother and father were in the room talking to a man also sitting at a 
desk. The man had glasses and sat in front of a bookshelf littered with 
books. Jacob wished he knew what the books were called but he couldn't 

He remembered that he had brought a drum with him, along with his
authentic Indian headband. Finding the headband on his head he 
proceeded to look for the drum. He called out for it, when it didn't 
come he continued at a steady pace. The person at the desk in the room 
with him glared. Jacob was quiet. 

Jacob thought it had been a whole day that he sat in that chair. Turning
to the window behind him he pushed his face on the glass. The man at 
the desk, his mother and father all looked at him. Trace amounts of 
saliva leaked from his mouth and slide down the glass. Jacob laughed 
loudly fogging the window and watching his mother. She put her head in 
her hands and sobbed, so he stopped and sat back down. 

The drum appeared out of nowhere sitting next to him on the floor. It
was his authentic Indian war drum that his parents had got him at 
Toys'R'Us. Picking it off the floor and setting it in his lap, Jacob 
began to play. He chanted and hummed as loud as he could and when 
nothing happened he did it louder. The person at a desk stood up and 
stormed out of the room. With her gone he then stood up and started 
dancing along with the beat and chanting as loud as possible. He smiled 
and spun in circles losing tempo but not losing heart. 

A pounding came from the window and his father stood there not looking
pleased. He pointed to the chair where Jacob was supposed to be. Jacob 
ran back to the chair and sat down. Almost in tears he muttered to 
himself that it wasn't his fault, he didn't do anything wrong. Then the 
tears turned into sobs, then stopped. He couldn't remember why he was 

Boredom slowly grabbed a hold of Jacob, he was sure that he had spent
his whole life sitting in that chair and he wasn't going to any longer. 
Standing up, he made his way over to the empty desk and sat in its 
chair. He watched his parents in the room with the man and noticed that 
when the man spoke he waved his arms in the air. Jacob mocked this and 
pretended he knew what the man was saying. When he saw his father 
crying the time for jokes was over. 

Returning to his seat he stared intently at the window. All of the
sudden he felt like he hadn't been spending enough time there. He 
watched as both his mother and father took turns writing on a form. Not 
understanding why they were sad he lightly tapped on the window. When 
his mother turned to face him he smiled and placed his hand on the 
window, she did the same. 

They looked at each other for a moment until the man at the desk started
talking again, then she turned away and continued to listen. Jacob 
decided from then on he was going to be the best kid ever. He wasn't 
going to make his mother cry anymore. 

He thought about growing up and how he was raised. He knew his mother
quit her job when he was born. She was in marketing and his father was 
a graphic artist. He had a good childhood and always stayed home. Even 
when he was old enough to go to school his mother told him she would 
teach him all he needed to know. 

His body was stiff from sitting so long but he was going to be a good
boy like his mother wanted. He shifted uncomfortable in his seat and 
stared into the room. Whatever they were doing they were almost done. 
They all had stood up and were shaking hands. His mother and father 

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