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Big Sur (standard:poetry, 297 words)
Author: Billy Jack BaxterAdded: Oct 01 2003Views/Reads: 2641/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
What can I say, a story or poem about Big Sur.

Big Sur 

The cliffs of Big Sur stand tall and rigid like their watch dog Redwoods
That wear a halo of ocean mist fog, guarding, looming, Spectating,from 
Their sloping grandstand view to the beckoning Horizon 
ofadventure...The cliffs smile their toothy grin westward, as The cold 
Pacific surf thrashes and washes its stony extent, making Beautifully 
sad nature music...Rumbling, crashing, whispering, crying, Choruses 
repeatedly evident since anyone or anything can remember...I Am lost in 
your trance, your chance meeting still haunting my memory, Now a decade 
past...I remember stopping at a small gas station set Back from the 
road, white-washed clapboard exterior gleaming like a Pearl against the 
dense green foliage...Red dirt road fading to black, Disappears into 
the mystery...Calling me, pulling me into the heart of The haunt...Such 
a familiar feeling, feeling of belonging, soft Hovering 
feeling...Everything familiar, roads, buildings, views, Smells, trees, 
rocks, incredibly eerie, but not frightening...I parked And walked 
along the shaky snaky edges of the Big Sur cliffs, feet Firmly planted 
on the westward end of our continent, but spirit Soaring high above the 
mighty Big Sur surf line...Free to Explore...Beckoning paths lured me 
deep into the giant wooded stick Forest, trees standing straight and 
true, lined up like birthday Candles on a cake...The feeling stayed 
with me the whole time I was in The Big Sur trance, leaving me just as 
fast as I traveled on down Highway 101 toward Carmel...But, the feeling 
haunts me still...I can Still smell the fragrant redwoods, the salty 
ocean foam, hear the Murmuring songs of the surf, hypnotic, in my soul 
that lures me to the Spot...A Feeling of deep belonging, a compelling 
desire that something Or someone is calling to me there, amidst the 
towering redwoods, under That blue serene Pacific splendor... 

Billy Jack Baxter 


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