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being bored (standard:poetry, 282 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Oct 06 2003Views/Reads: 2391/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
i sometimes wounder...

i sometimes wonder grab you hand would you pull away would you grab back
how soft they are how hard would you squeeze would you squeeze would 
you look at me in the eyes or turn around walk off no good-bye i 
sometimes wonder if i try would you just one closed not open on my lips 
eyes closed not for a sec. not for a min. until you back off would you 
mean it could you mean it i sometimes wonder hug you longer not hug you 
at all squeeze harder not squeeze at all place my cheek to yours how 
smooth would you pull away i sometimes wonder look at you in the eyes 
could you see all the things would you look away can you see it would i 
have to say a word would you say something would you smile or just 
aviod it aviod me i sometimes wonder why him what does he have does he 
know you what you drink how you drink it how you hold the cup how the 
first taste always burns and you blow then saying how it sucks and you 
dont like it you want your cup with ice i sometimes wonder if i found 
J.C. would that help could it would you help could he bring us closer 
why would i look for the wrong reason would you know you found him for 
the right i sometimes wonder if you know do you know i hope so i dont 
want you to know say something say anything say nothing just be there 
would you be there are you leaving going away for good would you say 
good-bye or just bye 


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