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selling out (standard:poetry, 568 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Oct 08 2003Views/Reads: 2387/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
i work at a place worse then starbucks!!!!!!

alright i smile at you because i have to. i dont care about you. what
you do,who you do. i can care less. all i know is this icecream is damn 
much and if you want it fine. buy it and go on your way. just leave me 
alone. leave me so i can wait on the next smo that comes in. yeah i 
said smo. figure where you are yet? no, well just give it time. i'm 
telling you its worse then starbucks. give it a year and you will have 
one in your town on your block. what is it? over priced icecream!!! 
thats what you need, another reason to stay FAT!! because i know what 
goes in this crap. nothing healthy. and hey bring the kids so they can 
get as fat as you. i mean it's not like they get picked enough at 
school or anything, but you can help by buying them icecream. "what 
would you like mixed into it?" ok a snikers. do you know how hard that 
shit is to mix!! how about some more candy or wait i know, to make 
yourself feel better how about some fruit. do you know where you are? 
it's on my uniform,my shirt, my hat, my apron. i'm surprise i dont have 
it on my underwear. behind me on this wall, over on that wall,the out 
side wall, the outside windows, outside on the door, the door handel is 
a big fucking icecream cone for gods sake. still don't know its on the 
cups, in the bathroom, in these fucking stupid songs we sing when you 
tip. "thankyou" yes i said thankyou. for what? for the 13cents you put 
in that damn tip jar that get split 4 ways. thanks alot asshole! it 
helps us get trough our shity lives. our hours suck and your 13 cents 
help alot. hell if your going to buy 5 dollor icecream TIP THE GUY OR 
GIRL THAT MAKES IT FOR YOU. just one dollor. "hey i was next" says some 
fuck in a suit and tie. say it agian i dare you. if you people knew how 
to stand in a line and have manners to the " first come first serve" 
way of life then mabey i would wait on you. "HEY,i'm next.." i heard 
you, you asshole. i'll get the guy behind you because he can stand in 
the line and wait to be served on. if you have somewhere you got to be 
at in 30 seconds, but you really want this, then shut up. or just 
leave. "see that guy, he is the big boss man from arizona." think i 
give a shit!! think he cares about me, about you and or lives? no, he 
can care less. but i will give you one thing he cares about. MONEY!! 
and if you can't see it, then your stupid. if you are not making him 
money then he will find him someone else that will. think he will give 
you a break if you have problems at home. no, all he wants is someone 
there to take pepoles money to make is house bigger for his family. not 
yours. you make 5.15 an hour. getting 13 hours a week because he has 10 
other people to rotate. fuck corprate america. but for you reading 
this. go have some icecream and be sure to tip.


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