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Dilemma (standard:drama, 1492 words)
Author: TDKAdded: Oct 14 2003Views/Reads: 2733/1717Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The truth can find you out in many unexpected ways. This is my proposed submition for GCSE English. Please give my feed back... TDK

Beep-beep!  Beep-beep! Slowly existence became more of a reality. I felt
hot and sweaty. Beep-beep! My tongue felt like a porous stone in my 
parched mouth. Beep-beep! I tried to perceive a time as I proceeded to 
fathom the unravel sequence to my bedclothes. Beep-beep! “Go away” I 
said in a frustrated release that served to free me from my cocoon. A 
rush of cold air seized my elation at being free. What time was it? I 
thought. Struggling to look past the intense light that punctured every 
available gap in the curtains. Looking away I noticed they seemed to 
radiate strange and wonderful colours that I had not been aware of 
until now. It must be late I thought noticing the silence that hung 
over me and surrounding everything. Who was that? I thought becoming 
aware of the strange stale taste that lingered in my mouth. 

As I sipped at my water I felt a sense of re-hydration fill and refresh
my body. How was it that I seemed to ache so much? The sound of the 
phone cut through the air once more as my hightend senses urged me to 

“Yeah?” I asked snatching the phone to my ear. 

It was my good wife Tammy. “You're at home then,” She said in a calm and
concerned manor “Your voice sounds better, still not well?” 

“Feeling a bit better, should be Ok for Monday”, “What time is it?” I

“About four” She said, “Do you want me to pick up Sherrie?” 

Panic seized me “Shit, I've only just got up. Would you mind? I don't
think I'll make it now!” 

“That's Ok, I'll pop into Mum's. Don't worry about doing anything for me
and Sherrie, we'll have a sandwich round Mum's, I'll get back for 
around nine?” 

“Ok, will probably go back to bed, feel like I've been hit by a car” I

“Ohh” Tammy expressed with concern. “I'll give you a nice massage when I
get in” 

“Ok, I'll see you later then” I said putting down the phone. 

I strolled to the toilet and instantly caught my reflection in the
mirror. What! I thought to myself as my senses heightened. Looking more 
closely I noticed several blemishes on my face. I reached for the light 
to assure my self these were sleep marks. Click! Revelation turned to 
horror. My face was covered in red patchy marks. 

Ok, I thought to my self hastening to get dressed; this defiantly needs
a medical second opinion. Arriving In ‘Accident and Emergency' I tried 
to hide my appearance from other people as I approached the arrivals 
receptionist. She took my details with professional discern and said in 
a manor that seemed authorative and accepting “Take a seat, the doctor 
will see you shortly.” 

People seemed to accept me with all kinds of pre-concluded sentiments.
Sitting down next to an old woman looking very wrapped in a coat, scarf 
and hat, allowing me more space than I needed, I felt obligated to 
offer some sort of explanation as to my appearance. 

“Feathers” I said casually; If only to reassure myself that things were
not as bad as they looked, though quickly regretting the exchange for 
this seemed to trigger one of those unwanted, one-sided conversations 
about health. “My Stan had a rash for weeks,” she said, “we tried 
everything, had to keep a diary in the end, at first I thought it was 
our washing powder, have you seen the price off washing powder? Well 
you try and save a bit by buying a cheap one.” 

Cutting in I said, “Do you know where the coffee machine is?” as I got
up and expressing soreness in my throat. “Sorry, I must get a drink”. 
Shuffling off, I sensed relief. Not too far away I sipped my coffee 
that served only to aggravate my throat all the more when I heard 
someone call my name. 

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