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Addiction (standard:non fiction, 178 words)
Author: Mentally Disturbed TeenagerAdded: Dec 09 2000Views/Reads: 3223/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Oh, just a short account. I *do* consider myself a decent writer, but critism is welcome. Doesn't the title speak for itself?

Addiction Kitty Kat Dec. 2, 2000 

I stared at the candle flame. 

My eyes drifted down, past the Yankee Candle logo, to the title of the


My eyes grew larger.  My throat constricted, my mouth tried to gasp in
air.  My nose...  I smelled the candle, but there was also the gas... I 
rocked back, glanced up at the blank wall.  Quiet!  I told myself.  It 
was just a dentist appointment.  Just a few times.  Even something like 
nitrate oxide couldn't get you addicted in only a few times.  Could it? 

Damn, why did they have to scent it?  I can't go near any strawberry
scent now. 

I'm afraid to let go.  Afraid to get addicted.  Computer, music, drugs,
alcohol, sugar, nitrate oxide... 

Laughing gas is heaven.  Absolute heaven.  But how would I get a hold of

See, I'm not as terrified of the effects, as of the coming off.  The
hangover, the depression, the long, hard road back to reality. 

That's what scares me. 

I blew out the candle, and cried myself to sleep.


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