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Insanity (standard:poetry, 181 words)
Author: Mentally Disturbed TeenagerAdded: Dec 09 2000Views/Reads: 2482/2Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I try to get help, but they won't let me.


By, Kitty Kat 

Didn't I tell you I was crazy? 

Didn't I say I could hear them? 

I told you once, won't tell you again, 

I told you I was crazy! 

I remember that day! 

I asked for help, begged for a shrink. 

You said it was OK. 

You said it was my conscience! 

You lied, to me, to yourself, 

Now I don't want the help, 

I like being crazy. 

I like listening to rap. 

I like swearing, so fuck off, bitch. 

I like the beer, the vodka, 

I like doing whatever I want. 

I like everything, I like being ME. 

The voices left.  They didn't like my life. 

Good for me, they can't tell me what to do! 

Mini-versions of my parents, 

Living in my head, All gone. 

I'm alone. 

Now who's my friend? 

Who will pull me through? 

Certainly not the kids from school. 

Not my friends half a world away. 

Not students at ARMS, or ARHS. 

Not the college people I talk to. 

Never, will anyone I know help me. 

You idiots!  I told you! 

Too Late.


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