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The Masked Sniper (standard:poetry, 237 words)
Author: The PhoenixAdded: Oct 29 2003Views/Reads: 2212/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
a poem, made on the spot, about the D.C sniper(s). If you live in the same part of the country (or county) I do, you'll understand.

One shot, 

Started it off, 

The several weeks, 

of confusion, 

The several weeks, 

of terror, 

The several weeks, 

Of loss and grief, 

The several weeks, 

that communities banned together, 

to find the "white van", 

The "white van" that held the gunmen, 

Chaos spread through the schools, 

From no going outside for lunch, 

And code blues, 

But, as all criminals have a challenge to face, 

Only one of them cared for the people, 

He cared for the community, 

He cared for the youth, 

And thanks to a short radio announcment, 

the terror was gone, 

A man with a truck, 

blocked the exit of the rest stop terror was in, 

Yet, there was the Police Chief, 

The one whose name is Moose, 

The one who showed human feeling, 

The one who is considered a hero, 

The one who was doing his job, 

I pray for those, 

Who are still mourning, 

Over their loved ones and their families, 

And I want the one whose name is "the sniper", 

To be tortured, 

And shot for what he has done. 

If you remember the terror what has been done, 

you know it can still be redone, 

yet, if communities still hold strong, 

The country will be safe, 

If the people, not our goverment, help, 

If a nation stands united, 

So does it's inhabitants, 

So rise up to any terror caused in your community, 

And be "e plurbius unum" 

Be united as one.


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