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Jenna (standard:horror, 1534 words)
Author: k.adamsAdded: Nov 05 2003Views/Reads: 2222/1516Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A boy wants to be needed.


Here I am... 

Sitting  on  the  floor  of  this  stupid  tomb  about  400ft.  behind 
the old  abandoned LeBeau  House.It  smells  like  road  kill  in  
here..And  considering  I  am  soaked  to  the skin  with  rain..and  
my  shoes  are  caked  with  all  this  red  mud  and  fungus  from  my 
trip  up  here..I  would  kinda  guess  I  smell  like  this  place , 

I  can't  think  of  anything  else  to  do  but  sit  here  smoking 
one  cigarette  after  another and  curse  myself  for  my  damn  

I hang my head down and fold up my arms under my shirt to keep warm
against the rain thats splashing against me in this worn out burial 

I  wish  I  was  there  in  the main  house  with  the  others.Thats 
where  I  was  suppose  to  be . 


Not  really with them. 

I was really suppose to be with Jenna. 

But that was my fault...I caused us to spend the night apart like
this...Foolish ,childish jealousy. It all started  four days ago when 
my best friend  Brian came to me with an idea. 

When he suggested that we get together with his brother Glenn and
Shannon..Jenna and I..and of course he and his newest interest head for the old LeBeau House for a night of scaring the 
girls close to us...I agreed...I wanted nothing more than to feel Jenna 
panic against me and hold me tight while I showed of my teenage bravery 
for the dark and unknown...She would feel as if I were her guardian 
against all evil within this wicked house so often spoken of.I would 
hold myself taller and maybe deepen my vioce to show my manliness.She 
would fall in love with me in this dark place..I knew she would. 

But that was before we all piled into Glenns car to be on our way to
this forgotten place. And that was before the laugh that broke my 

It really wasn't his fault..Brian just has a sense of humor that
is...well...funny.It was stupid joke really. I must have heard it a 
hundred times.It was simply Brian trying to lighten the tenseness in 
the car. 

But the moment I saw her eyes light up ,her face change rosy and her
jaws go wide with a burst of clear laughter.. I felt my stomach lock 

I had never seen anything so beautiful and the truth of everything had
never seemed more clearer than when she put her head down and tried to 
pull her lips over her teeth in effort to conceal her outburst.She 
looked at sideways at me with those sweet eyes and flashed a forced 

But I knew. 

That laugh was like a bolt of sunlight escaping..And I knew with great
saddness,that I had not the power or personality to ever cause her to 
laugh in such a way.Much less smile with such genuine intent. So I did 
what I am now doing...I sulked and pouted and hid myself away in this 
crypt behind the house where they were all having the time of thier 

I ignored Jennas pleas to stay with her ...Glenn and Shannon  drunk and
trying to reason with me.. I ignored Brian brave and compassionate 
trying to pick my brain and find out what was wrong... I ignored Jennas 
refusal to leave the safety of the car as I walked deeper into the 
woods to find this place. I hear them screaming now.. 

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