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Television for Six Hours a Day (standard:Psychological fiction, 1355 words)
Author: SachielAdded: Nov 19 2003Views/Reads: 2391/1627Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Being the story of James,a 18-year old boy,and Sam,the man who is in his television.

Television for Six Hours a Day by Kevin Johnson 

Setting:A normal living room,with a TV,two couchs,numerous
decerations,and some lighting fixtures. 

A teenage boy is sleeping on the bigger couch,then wakes up slowly,and
looks around his surroundings. His name is James,and he is alone in the 
house. It is eerily quiet,unlike usual... 

James:Hello,is anybody home? Mom? Dad? Kelly? *no answer* Hmmm...they
must be out shopping. Well,I'm sure they'll be back soon. I guess I'll 
watch some tv until they get back. 

James reaches for the remote and turns on the television.  He starts
flipping through the channels,but all the tv is picking up is static. 
This fact fustrates James... 

James:Don't tell me the cable's out again! Damn! This thing never works
like it's supposed to! Cheap piece of shit.  *sigh* I guess I'll just 
go back to sleep then... 

James turns off the set and bundles up again,ready for another nap.
However,the television turns on by itself. James gets back up and turns 
it off again.  He goes to lay back down and suddenly it turns on once 
again. Jamie turns around with a angry look in his eye... 

James: What the hell is wrong with this thing! *switches tv off* Stay
off! *turns around,then the tv is back on again* *eye twitches* Why,you 
stupid little... 

Suddenly a face pops up onto the screen. The face is
calm,reserved,almost cold. It is of an younger man,most likely 
mid-20s,and with a black goatee. The face grins,and starts to speak. 


James:*terrified* AHHH! Who the hell are you?! How did you get on my

?:All will be explained later,my friend. Now,James,my name is Sam. Sam
Atan,at your service. I'm here to talk to you,my dear boy. 

James:*still frightened* Wh...why do you want to talk to me? 

Sam:I've seen you,James. I've been watching you for quite some time. You
see,I always have an eye out for the people who can help me do my job 
the best,and you,my friend,are one of the best. 

James:I...I don't understand. What do you mean,"the best"? 

Sam:Well,you see,I run a little company,Hal Enterprises,and we've been
monitoring your progress for some time,James. We think you're well 
suited for the job I'm prepared to offer... 

James:I'm not interested in your offer,Sam. I already have a good job
with my father's company. 

Sam:Hear me out first,James,and I'm sure you'll agree with me that I
hold the cards to your future. 

James:Fine...Fine! Do you think I can sit down first,though? 

Sam:Sure,make yourself comfortable. Wouldn't want you to get too tired
before first day of work.... 

James:I only agreed to listen,not to work for you. 

Sam:That will soon change,my friend. Now,we here at Hal Enterprises
believe that you are the best man for our postion from your past 

James:What past experiences? I only started working at my dad's place
for two weeks. 

Sam:Well...I think you have misinterpreted what I meant. For example,do

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