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If Man was Unavalible for Comment (standard:Suspense, 431 words)
Author: SachielAdded: Nov 20 2003Views/Reads: 2623/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Being the story of Jim,a boy who wakes up in a world where all are the same.

"I look around,and I see the death of the human spirit" -Anon. 

He found himself in the middle of a large sidewalk in the park,dazed and
confused,for he had never seen such a a place as this park. All the 
trees were of the same size and species,all the sidewalks were going 
straight,rather than curving around this strangely symmetrical park. 
The young man,named Jim,got up from his former resting place and 
started to walk around this new world. 

Jim looked up towards the skyscrapers with awe. Not with the awe of
beauty,but of confusion. To him,the buildings all resembled 
refrigerator boxes with windows cut out of the sides. While staring 
blankly at these atrocities of architechural design,he accidentally ran 
into a billboard sign on the wall of one of those skyscrapers. Jim 
shook off the bump and noticed that the billboard held an ad for a new 
album by a popular rap artist. Jim thought little of it at first,but 
while walking through the city,he noticed all the 
billboards,magazines,flyers,and other advertisements all were ads for 
the same rap artist. Jim was creeped out by this revelation and ran. 

After running for some time,Jim found himself tired,and leaned aganist a
wall to rest. He looked around and finally saw the people of this 
world. The men all had the same features:baggy pants,sports jerseys 
from a major fashion label,many faux diamond necklaces,and lingo that 
would make any English professor roll around in his grave. For the 
women,Jim saw them with tight pants with their thongs showing,baby-blue 
spaghetti-string shirts,,and so many rings that you wondered if their 
hands were mechanical.  Their conversations were all the same,filled 
with "niggas" and "fags". They spoke of the new rapper Jim saw in the 
ads,and how he was "hot shit". Jim saw no variety,no diversity,no life 
in these sad children. No color. Jim ran away again,but tripped over 
some garbage cans. The residents all turned and stared,their eyes 
stabbing his soul. Jim screamed and fell. 

Jim woke up inside a room,the smell of perfume and cologne overpowered
his nostrils and rose quickly from his sleep. He hoped to be in his own 
world,where he can be free to become his own person,but that was to no 
avail. The room was full of the same people from his dreams. The ads 
were all over the place,and the people were dressed exactly how the 
people in the other world were. The thought that he was still stuck in 
his dream instilled fear in him. Fear like he never felt. How was he 
supposed to escape? 

Bell rings. School's out. 



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