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"Men in suits and Crocodile Shoes" (standard:poetry, 525 words)
Author: kickboxrkoAdded: Nov 22 2003Views/Reads: 2511/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
America is a beautiful country. But corruption reaches far..

“Men in Suits and Crocodile Shoes” 

Is it such a crime For a man to love another? Is it not the America
dream To roam free, and to lets things be? Who gives them the right? To 
tell me who I can love? Who I can hate? Who I can appreciate? I want a 
priest, I want a church I want this man, to cherish me To bind our 
flesh Into eternity I want to flaunt my sexuality I am an American, I 
have my rights There should be no debate Who gives them the right to 

Am I not smart enough? Or not manly enough? Do I have enough money? Is
that a reason? Do I have to hide? I just want to live in my country 
That is my right? Is it not? I have at least that? Or am I not Allowed 
to talk? Can I speak out? Can I shout to a crowd? Can I hold a rally? 
Is it not my God-given right? 

What is a country That's full of holes in their foundation Full of lies,
full of theories, a way for men In suits, to tell me my rights. Tell 
the women, They can't choose? Oh believe me, I'm pro-life But I'm also 
pro-choice, it's my right... 

It's funny though, that while the men In suits debate such issues That
little kids can go and shop For a gun that makes a real pop So they can 
do what they want And take what they need What isn't there' 
someone's life 

Isn't it funny that a man in a hat Or a man that's black Can get stopped
over in a state Because he's suspicious Maybe it's me...but that's 
delirious They call it profiling, those men in suits They say that in 
no way it damages your rights They say it protects the people of their 
great state 

How about those kids In helmets and pads Who hurt the boys Just for a
blast? Did they get punished? Or did get slapped on the wrist? The men 
up there, in their business suits, And solemn looks, grieving faces 
Crocodile shoes, black Cadillac's They control our country, while we 
sit on our hands And twirl our fingers...we should fight back... 

Use the media right? Yea, the media's with us... There all for us,
looking out, our big brother... Or is it just about getting the scoop? 
Or making the 6:00 news? Then again there not corrupted... After 
all...there not privately funded... 

Then what do we have? What can we use? What can we do to fight the
corruption? There all against us, it's a fight that we will lose... 
Isn't that right? Nothing can be done? Or we can try...try and learn 
Like the writers of the Constitution? 

Those men in suits will lose one day Until we have our way Until we
learn to fight back, After all it is our right... Thank God for 
that.... Yes, it is a beautiful country But it is being tainted, from 
Greed, Corruption, and Other is up to us To give the 
others a voice To fight the crush.... 


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