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You Ran On (standard:other, 487 words)
Author: CravenAdded: Nov 29 2003Views/Reads: 1763/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is my attempt at a second person story. It's simply about a cross country runner.

You sprinted. Your feet carrying you over the long grass and bramble
that grew in the forest. Tall, thick trees stood in every direction 
only allowing you fifty or so metres before you could see no further. 
The tree branches hung from above preventing little sunlight from 
shining down on you. Yet you ran on. 

Your legs must have hurt. Keeping this up for what seemed forever. Your
body pumping the lactic acid into your muscles telling you to stop but 
you would not give in to the pain. How much longer would you be able to 
keep this up? 

But you could not give up. That was just not an option. Too much
depended on this. It all rode on your shoulders. So you pushed harder 
and ran faster through the woodland. 

I was so amazed by what you were putting yourself through. To run for as
fast as you could while still being careful enough not to trip up on 
the underbrush. The amount of training and effort you had put into 
yourself just for this moment. 

You could win, you knew you could. All you had to do was believe.
Believe and anything is possible. You always liked to say that. It was 
one of your favourites. 

You saw then. Your goal. The clearing in the woods. You were almost
there. The finish was only a hundred metres away at the most. And you 
were going to be first. Then you spotted her. 

Another runner was coming from the right and racing to the finish. She
was only just in front. Were this last bit of power came from I don't 
know but you pushed yourself ever harder and slowly you gained on this 

You made the clearing at the same moment as your opponent. You both made
for the end and as you two crossed the finish it was clear who was the 

Your disappointment was obvious but that did not stop you from
congratulating the winner. You had lost this time. But you said that 
there would be a next time. Next time you would win but then- 

*	*	* 

The man stopped talking. He turned to the bed he sat by, where the
figure lay motionless. It was a girl. Hooked up to a machine that kept 
her alive. Stopping her from being taken away from this world. 

She had been a good cross-country runner. She could have, maybe, been
the best. Granted she was still young but that did not matter any more. 
A ride on the back of a motorbike had seen to that. Now she laid in a 
coma in which she would never come out of, that's what the doctors 
said. There was no hope for her now. 

The man stood. Tears ran down his face and he watched as the nurse
turned the machine off which had been keeping his only daughter alive 


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