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"Bars of my Life" (standard:poetry, 230 words)
Author: kickboxrkoAdded: Nov 30 2003Views/Reads: 1745/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
8 Cold Bars...

“Bars of my life” 

My hands are shaking.... Can't see straight 

My girl's left me... 

My friends hate me... 

My druggie adores me... 

Mom is so sad 

Dad tells me when he bails me out... 

Day in day out 

I pass these cold bars 

Steel protectors of the law 

The roof is leaking 

I'm tired of this place 

How'd I get here anyway? 

Was it just my day? 

My day to fail? 

My day to leave a trail of 

Disaster, destruction, and despair? 

Does it matter now? NO...I need my fix 

I'm pathetic...yea I know it... 

But can I help it? 

These men in here, am I better then them? 

Murderers, thieves, and leaders of crime? 

Yea...they hate me... 

The looks I get...enough to shock the 

Toughest of would cringe... 

Dad would cry.... 

Where did it start? 

Does my story have a beginning? 

Does it have an end? 

What I fear in this cold lonely place... 

With leaking, cold floors, lack of sleep 

But, what's worst of all... 

Is the lack of love...'s killing me... 

I want my mom....not to cry... 

I want my look me in the eye 

I want some make them proud... 

This problem I'll be the end of my life 

Yet, I can't let matter how hard I try.... 

So I guess I'm doomed to die 

In this forsaken place.... 


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