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"I want a body" (standard:poetry, 211 words)
Author: kickboxrkoAdded: Dec 03 2003Views/Reads: 1860/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Inspired by the musical "RENT"

“I want a Body” 

Those fools...they don't know what they have 

A bed...a pillow...four walls 

A mother... a father...a body 

A body that doesn't hurt 

That isn't numb 

From needles and drugs 

From the biting cold 

From the dirty looks 

And the hate that glows 

From the daily checkups 

The daily lies... 

“You'll be fine” 

NO...I'm gonna die.... 

It's just not fair.... 

Why did God pick me? 

Why not the cat ... 

Or the dog...or the guy 

Across the street? 

Why not the mailman, pizza boy, 

Or Congressman in some heat? 

I shouldn't die...from the 

“Beat of the street” 

Just not right... 

Just not fair... 

I want a body...with hair... 

Muscles that work 

Lungs that breathe 

Lips that move 

Eyes that tear.... 

I want those little things... 

Whadya call em? The ones that 

Fight disease? 

Get rid of this syndrome...wont you please? 

I guess it's too late....the lights are spinning... 

I'm all this little room 

Lights that jiggle...and sounds that beep... 

Pop is is gone 

My sister hates me...and that other bitch is gone... 

Damn...even my dog has left... 

I God with me? 

Or am I totally alone? 

Hold my hand stranger...I need some love... 

Don't cry for tears are spent... 

Just hold me...and let me go.... 


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