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Shake the Disease Pt IX: The End (standard:fantasy, 1517 words) [9/11] show all parts
Author: JenkisAdded: Dec 15 2000Views/Reads: 1483/838Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The final chapter in the series of Drakon, Sioux and Tai. **FEEDBACK WANTED PLEASE!!**

Music played softly in Drakon’s room. The rain poured daintily from the
sky outside. The Music -not to mention the blood he’d just drank from a 
slave-girl- made Drakon’s mind wander into unknown depths. He laid on 
his bed remembering the day that he had found out his sister had been 
taken by the *Vampyres* and the utter confusion that had been brought 
up into his soul. He did not know whether to cry for her or to be happy 
the *Vampyres* hadn’t taken him. Then he remembered his first night in 
this place and the way he had ravaged her body as he fed from her. What 
had he thought of then? He’d wished for a second that the *Vampyres* 
had taken him that night instead of her. Then perhaps their roles would 
have been inverted and he wouldn’t have to live with the knowledge of 
her death. But it had taken him nearly eight years to figure out that’s 
what he’d wanted that night. And now there was nothing to be done and 
he simply existed in this place called the City of the Dead in love 
with a creature which didn’t even have the remotest idea of what Love 
was, nor did she care. So what else did he want? He frowned and sat up 
as the answer suddenly came to him in a flash. Sioux. He wanted to make 
things right with Sioux. He wanted to hold her and to kiss her and to 
tell her everything that had happened and why he had allowed it so. He 
still loved her, did he not? Perhaps not in the tormenting and 
passionate way he had before. Perhaps not in the masochistic and 
self-loathing way he loved Tai, but he still loved her. Then an idea 
occurred to him. Perhaps he could have Sioux forever. Maybe she would 
agree to become what he was – not exactly what he was but still a 
Creature of the Night- and agree to spend the rest of Eternity with 
him. Maybe if together again, his love for her would come back just as 
passionate and the empty space in his heart Tai refused to fill would 
disappear. Drakon stood up and wrapped his velvet red cape around him 
and went out the door. 

*  *  * 

Tai sat up –her dark purple tresses outlining her beautiful face in the
moonlight- and looked at Elrych strangely; she had just finished making 
love to him and he lay there, on the bed, naked and smiling smugly. 
He’d changed in the past four years. His muscled frame was still there 
but he had lost a great amount of weight. His green eyes did not seem 
furious and challenging to her anymore but rather maddened and somehow 
depthless. There was only a shadow left of the feistiness and ardor 
that had at first attracted her to him. And then she realized that he 
was slowly dying, if not from madness then from the result of her 
drinking his blood nearly everyday and never quite feeding him enough. 
And at that moment –to Tai’s almost innocent surprise- she unexpectedly 
realized she had become bored of him. 

*  *  * 

“Sioux? Sioux, where are you going?” Gwendal awoke in the middle of the
night to find Sioux at the doorstep, about to go out. 

“I’m going to go check on Aiken,” she lied. The truth was she needed
some air and wanted to go and sit outside, at her age no longer afraid 
of *Vampyres* or anything remotely like it. 

“Oh. All right, give him a kiss for me, will you?” Gwendal rolled over
on their bed and closed his eyes. 

“I will,” she said softly before closing the door behind her. 

The night was chilly outside and the breeze felt good against her skin.
Her black hair fell all around her and made her face seem carved out of 
marble in its whiteness. She closed her eyes, enjoying the few moments 
of solitude she had at her fingertips and felt overcome by a sudden 
feeling of loneliness and melancholy. In a outburst of memories, she 
saw Drakon as he’d been eight years ago; smiling at her and making her 
feel as if they were the only two people left in the world. Soon, there 
were crystalline tears rolling down her pale cheeks. She thought of 
Elrych and his fierceness but only for an instant because she saw a 
figure at a distance, approaching her. She stumbled up, fear suddenly 
gnawing at her conscience until she realized that the figure was 
somehow familiar. She frowned as the figure got closer and she narrowed 
her eyes to try to see better in the deep darkness of the night. She 
gave a choked gasp as she realized who the person who now stood before 

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