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fish's human-hunt (youngsters:fantasy, 326 words)
Author: fissAdded: Dec 14 2003Views/Reads: 3558/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
the seven children came across with evoluted fishes that holds magical powers And a great chaos begins...

Prologue <-----(did i spell that wrong?~! I'm not a very good speller) 

This is the day of feildtrip! My classmate, Christopher, is always
friendly.  I'm in the same homeroom with him.  I like to play with him. 
We're visiting an old man in a house that's got 6 floors.  Yes! That's 
our feildtrip! The whole 4&5th grade is here in the old man's house. I 
am hanging out together with Frank, Christopher, Jessica, Simon, and 
Haifen. So, what's there to see in a house with an old man? We soon 
found out. The basement of the house, which was absolutely HUGE, is 
filled with water. What's more, there are fishes living in the water. 
One female shark, two colorful fish that's about the size of an young 
whale!  And also another fish which the old man don't even know what it 
is himself. We were all curous about the fishes.  How can they live in 
a basement?  Won't they sufficate? ......... The old man was hit with 
several questions that he was so exausted he had to slip out of the 
house. Which he never should have done. While the old man was out of 
the house, six kids happened to be interested in those fishes.  So they 
stood at the rim of the water and watched. Suddenly all the fishes 
turned on them and swam towards the other stairway in the basement, out 
of the children's sight. Those children should have just gave up on the 
fish. But they didn't. Curousity kills a cat, it can also kill cats. 
And dogs, too. So can they, works just fine on humans.  More than fine. 
Their curousity brought them to the other stairway that led to the 
basement. Suddenly they gave a loud scream.  All the fishes appeared 
out of nowhere and all swam in an incrediable speed towards the 
children.  It was a school of mixed species of fishes. That group was 

(to be continued)


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