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To Hell (standard:poetry, 209 words)
Author: Brad CoontoAdded: Dec 23 2003Views/Reads: 1667/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
What Christmas and these votes mean to me. I apologise for the anger contained within this work. Again, this is for Debs.

Christmas is a SILENT NIGHT 

This time. 


Beacause I've been used again. 

And spat out 



Yeah, right.  Disolute withstanding? 

For I shall defecate sponges into her eyes. 

"How could you do this to me?" 

"Why at this time of year?" 

That's what I asked, anyway. 

Yes.  I have been arrant.  For I hate her. 

I hate her for how she has treated me... 

At the Yule. 

I'll be lying in my cot, holding your discharged pillow 

And I shall scream your fucking name 




I hate the profanities as much as I despise you, you bitch! 

You force me to curse and to bear my soul to those I do not 

And shall not 

Ever know. 

And it all began because I was upset that A FACELESS PHILISTINE gave 

A poem 

Of mine 

One out of Ten, and you, D, had the audacity to charge me 

With misogyny? 

Is that fair? 

Is it? 

D, I don't think YOU'RE being fair. 

Why are people cruel?  Why? 

And at Christmas. 

To Hell 

With Christmas. 

Votes wash over me with elongated spite. 

Opinions are cruel, 

And they know who they are. 

To Hell, I say. 

To Hell.


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