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The Dumb Cluck (standard:horror, 1118 words)
Author: hvysmkerAdded: Dec 25 2003Views/Reads: 2524/1544Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Burgler gets a Surprise While Robbing a Home

Johnny sat, idly stirring his coffee, and listening to Julie complain. 

“You promised, Johnny.  Can't you ever keep your promises?  You told me
we were going to Las Vegas.  Commmeeonne Honey.” 

Having little recourse he finally told her,  “Ok. OK,OK.  I'll get the
money somehow.” 

Julie left to wait on a customer and Johnny got up and left the
restaurant.  “Where can I get enough for a trip like that?”  He 
thought.  She was not only a good piece, but her parents had money.  He 
didn't want to screw it up. 

Johnny was your typical badass bully.  He had bullied the other kids in
grade school.  Moving up to high school let him branch out into 
intimidating the other kids for their lunch money and allowances.  He 
used to pinch the girls on the ass just to make their boy friends back 

After quitting school, he had accumulated quite a little police record. 
Everything from assault to burglary.  Now he had a chance to marry one 
of the richest girls in town.  He didn't want to screw it up for 
something like this. 

“Maybe I could rip off those old ladies?”  He asked himself, getting
into his old Chevie.  He had been watching their house occasionally for 
the past month or so.  The two old women were rumored to have a lot of 
cash salted away.  It had been a joke in high school.  He had noticed 
that they both left their old house almost every night at around eight 

He checked his glove compartment and made sure his large screwdriver was
there.  It was going on seven thirty now.  If he hurried he might catch 
them leaving. 

The young man ran two red lights and damn near broadsided an old man at
the intersection of Maple and Main.  Laughing at the man's face, he 
pulled up down the block on Adams. 

True to form, the two old ladies left their house, dressed in dark
outfits, and made their way to the two year old Ford they drove.  One 
of them was limping badly. 

“Christ, their about to drop dead now.  They don't have any use for that
cash, I'll be doin' them a favor by relieving them of it.” 

The two old women got into the car and drove away.  Johnny started his
car and drove around behind the old, unpainted, house.  Getting out, he 
pocketed his screwdriver and crept up to the building. 

“Might as well try the windows first.” He thought, and started going
down the line.  All of them seemed locked.  He passed the third window 
and heard a squeaking behind him.  With his back against the house, he 
waited.  When he felt safe, he walked back and found the third window 
open an inch.  Shrugging, the sneak thief raised the window and stuck 
his head in.  Seeing and hearing no one, he hoisted himself in over the 

Finding himself in the kitchen, he stopped for a minute to listen and
get a feel for the place.  As he walked toward a doorway, he felt 
something pecking at his ankle.  Johnny looked down and was surprised 
to see a large rooster, pecking at his leg and flapping it's wings, 

“Christ, who keeps a chicken in their kitchen?” He asked himself as he
grabbed it by the neck and picked it up.  The rooster started squawking 
and a wild flapping, which Johnny cut off in mid squawk, by wringing 
it's scrawny neck.  With a shake of his head, he proceeded to the 
doorway and found himself in a long hallway, decorated with wallpaper 
featuring little kittens playing with yarn.  There were closed doors on 
both sides of the hallway.  He tried them and found them locked, that 
is until he reached the last, which was open. 

He found himself in a sort of dining room.  There was a long wooden
table in the center of the room, with a hot plate on it.  A large 
kettle was simmering on the hot utensil.  The room itself was suffused 

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