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The Dumb Cluck (standard:horror, 1118 words)
Author: hvysmkerAdded: Dec 25 2003Views/Reads: 2562/1567Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Burgler gets a Surprise While Robbing a Home

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with a strange bitter smell from the mildly boiling kettle.  Another 
door was closed on the opposite wall. 

Searching the room, Johnny could find nothing of any real value.  
Johnny tried the other door and found it unlocked.  He went through to 
find himself in another hallway, this one had bright red wallpaper, and 
one door at the other end.  He went to that door and entered a kind of 
dining room.  It looked, for all the world, just like the one he had 

He searched this one in turn, thinking it odd that it was an exact copy
of the other one with, again, nothing worth stealing.  Going through a 
door across the room, he found himself in another hallway, just like 
the others, except with an orange cactus wallpaper and a door at the 
other end. 

Johnny went through the next door and found himself in another room,
just like the other two. 

“Wait a minute, what the hell's going on here?” 

He turned around to go back through the door through which he had
entered.  A long hallway faced him, this time with dull maroon 
wallpaper, and a door at the other end, which led to the same room he 
had just left. 

About that time he heard faint laughter.  It seemed to come from the
hallway.  He also heard a low voice saying, “bad boy, bad boy, I like a 
bad boy.” 

Johnny panicked and started to run from hallway to room hallway to room
hallway to room, until he was tired and had to lean against the light 
green wallpaper of yet another hallway. 

He found the wall slippery and fell down to an equally slippery floor. 
The laughter got louder as the unseen voice intoned, “Bad boy, Bad boy, 
Bad boy.” 

A hole in the floor slowly opened, at the other end of the hall.  At the
same time the floor started to tilt, ever more steeply.  Johnny cried 
out and tried to hold onto first the slippery wall, and later the 
floor.  He tried to dig his short nails into the juncture of floor and 
wall but kept on sliding, slowly, toward the waiting void.  His fear 
caused him to lose consciousness as he slipped into the waiting 

Johnny woke up on the floor of a gigantic kitchen.  His claws slid on
the linoleum as he forced himself to his feet.  Staring up at a thirty 
foot table leg he saw a face grinning down at him. 

“So you finally woke up, eh?  Since you wrung our last burglar's neck,
its only right that you take his place,” and dropped the rooster a 
handful of corn. 


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