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The Stalker (standard:Suspense, 359 words)
Author: KittykatAdded: Jan 11 2004Views/Reads: 2557/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The stalker attacks.

On this dark, rainy night, the moon is full.  Shining like a soft
white-blue pearl in the cool black sky like an orb of pure light.  The 
stars shine like knife points, cutting through the black night with pin 
point accuracy.  Everthing is quiet, too quiet. 

Inside the little home on the hill far from any means of help, crouched
in the corner, out of sight of the untrained eye, is a sleek black 
creature.  He watches without blinking, as his unsuspecting prey goes 
about her business without a clue that she is being watched.  He waits 
as she moves across the room.  She's ten times his size yet he can take 
her.  Watching, waiting.  She gets close, so close, patience, not 

She walks past him, inches from his vantage point without seeing him and
exits the room.  He doesn't relax.  He can't afford to let this 
opportunity slip through his claws.  He uses his keen sense of hearing 
to listen.  If he were to leave his position he could lose his 
advantage on her.  The slightest movement of muscle could give him 
away.  It seems like hours have past within these few minutes she's out 
of sight.  His ears perk at the sound of footsteps, thump, 
thump...she's on her way back. 

He readies himself for the attack.  His heart is beating faster and
faster.  He can hear his blood rushing through his veins.  She gets 
closer.  Every step gets closer, louder.  He positions his hind feet 
under his strong muscular body.  He readies his fangs for the kill.  
The moment is almost here.  Wait, wait, NOW!! 

Screams pierce the night air.  She's been caught.  His teeth taste the
soft skin of her ankle.  The cotton that protects her feet from the 
cold does not deter this creature in the least.  He grips with his paws 
around her ankle and digs in his claws as tight as he can.  He releases 
his bite and clamps down again. 

She gives him a kick, "crazy cat," she yells at him.  She grabs him by
the nap of his neck and rubs her nose in his fur.  He gets her 


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