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Thoughts of a Young Boy (standard:other, 948 words)
Author: KittykatAdded: Jan 12 2004Views/Reads: 1978/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A boy meets his dad.

Inside the room of the average boy... 

The room is painted a sky blue, the curtains are hand-made by his mom. 
They have motorcycles all over them.  There are toys everywhere.  He 
has a carpet on the floor.  It has roads that travel all over the 
place.  The airport is next to the garage.  The police department and 
the fire department are next door to each other.  There are several 
other houses and buildings.  Some are empty and sometimes the army men 
use them to plan attacks on the enemies that invade the room. 

The young boy sits in the middle of his army.  There are tanks on one
side of him.  The helicopter and airplanes protect him on the other 
side.  The army of little green men are in front of him. 

Let's hear what he's thinking... 

"Jezz, they just won't let me be.  They keep asking if I have questions
about him.  I don't know.  Maybe I should have questions.  I'm eight 
years old now.  I know everything.  Well, almost.  I shouldn't have 
questions.  So what?  He's my dad. 

He is bigger than I thought he would be.  I've always thought of him
being skinny." 

He moves one of the tanks in front of him, ready to take aim at the
monster.  This time it is one of his sister's baby dolls she left in 
there.  She's always in his room without asking.  This time it came in 
handy.  The other invading monsters have been conquered a million times 

"What should I care about him anyway?  He lives in the same town as me
and this is the first time I've seen him.  I don't remember seeing him 
before.  Mom says we use to be a family.  Not a happy one, but we used 
to live together." 

The tank blasts its first round into the doll.  It falls over.  Figures,
the dumb thing was easy to defend against.  He picks it up and throws 
it at the open door and yells at his sister to keep her junk out of his 

The cat must have been next to the door.  He runs in with a loud meow. 
This is his favorite room.  There are two windows opposite each other 
that the sun is always shining in at one time or another.  The lazy cat 
picks the sunniest spot and flops down on the plush carpet. 

"Mom says it's like me having that cat.  I have to feed him, water him,
and take care of him, love and protect him.  She says this guy, my dad, 
wasn't ready to take care of me.  That he wasn't responsible.  I guess 
he didn't always protect me, letting me ride in the bed of a truck as a 
little baby.  I don't remember it.  It couldn't have been that bad.  I 
would have remembered if it were scary.  My best friend at school gets 
to ride in the back of his dad's truck.  He says it's fun." 

The boy moves from the play carpet over to the cat.  He starts to pick
at the cobwebs in the cat's whiskers.  He must have been under the 
porch again.  It's the best place in the world to play.  The girls 
think it's creepy under there. They might get dirty or see a bug. 

"Mom says he used to play too rough with me.  I love to wrestle.  Why
would it have been so bad to wrestle when I was little?  Mom says it's 
because a baby is fragile and easily hurt.  I'm tough.  I never get 
hurt.  Well, except that one time I wrecked my bike.  Oh, there was 
that time I played too rough with the cat and made him mad.  The 
scratch did bleed for a little while.  Anyway, I bet it was fun to 
wrestle with him.  I wrestle with my dad..., well he's been my dad for 
as long as I can remember.  Mom says that this dad will always be there 
for me.  He does answer my questions when I have one.  We wrestle.  We 
play rough all the time.  We read books and play video games together 
too.  He's nice most of the time.  I hate it when he reminds me to 
brush my teeth.  He always knows." 

He checks his digital clock on the bookshelf.  It reads 3:15.  He gets
up and goes to the front door. 

"Dad will be home in a few minutes.  Maybe he'll want to help me with my
bike.  The chain fell off.  I've been working on it to make it ride 
faster.  I have the fastest bike in the neighborhood." 

A van pulls up and the boy hurries to pull on his shoes and grab his
jacket off the coat tree next to the door. 

"Mom says she will work with that strange man at her new job.  Yeah,
that's what he is, a stranger.  Just a new person I might get to know, 
like the new kid at school.  Maybe, maybe not.  I'll have to decide if 
I like him first.  I have more important things to do right now.  My 
dad is home and I'm ready to fix my bike." 

A man gets out of the van and smiles as he sees the young boy running
straight at him.  Always excited to see him.  The boy is talking a mile 
a minute and continues to rattle on as he grabs the man's hand and 
drags him to the porch where the bike lay on its side. 

The boy will be fine.  No questions there.  He knows everything.  Or
atleast the most important thing there is to know.  His dad will always 
be there for him.


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