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Her (standard:poetry, 184 words)
Author: Leonard BeckerAdded: Dec 16 2000Views/Reads: 2400/2Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A poem about two girls

I wish she wasn't here. 

But if she wasn't, 

I'm sure I'd wish she was. 

And the fact of it is, 

She isn't here. 

The true her is here, 

But the her I love isn't. 

It's as thought the her I love 

Just quit the other day. 

Left for South Africa or D-Town or wherever... 

And the true her is silly. 

Not silly in the "make me laugh" kinda way, 

But silly in the "Why the fuck am I talking to you" kinda way. 


You're beautiful, and 


I could probably find myself in love with you, maybe and 

YES You're smart and mysterious and poised and everything that
altruistic mofo says. 




Do I mean that or 

Am I rationalizing? 

Is that the her I love laughing at me, or 

Was there any love there to begin with? 

Does the silly 



Beautiful, true her ever look at me 

Without thinking back 

Or laughing 

Or cringing? 

Well, I just don't care. 

How's that fit ya? 

Either one of you girls can answer. 


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