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Blow Your Nose (And Move On With Your Life) (standard:poetry, 479 words)
Author: Leonard BeckerAdded: Dec 16 2000Views/Reads: 2375/1093Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
She won't live a fairy tale without me.

Someday, your prince will never come. 

Oh he's out there, just beyond the hills. 

But he won't come. 

He knows you're here, but he doesn't care. 

He's got better damsels to save than you. 

And what will you do, with no prince to save you? 

Sit there sulking, and grow into a spinstress? 

Or go out, and live your life like you should? 

Will you settle for the fool? 

Or what if your prince has already come---and you've already rejected

Or passed him over for some silly, internal reason? 

I know that if I knew the prince you dream of, 

I would tell him to go away, and seek another. 

Yes, she is beautiful... 

I would say 

Yes, she is can be sweet... 

I would say 

But No! She isn't worth it, 

There are better ones out there, for you, Prince Charming. 

And could your prince have already come- 

And he wasn't the prince you thought he was, 

And unwisely you went to him 

And he hurt you 

And all the fiction in the world---fountains of cash from nameless Old

Couldn't make up for it all. 

And should the fool stumble across you-tired, and trying to move on, 

And to you he says 

I can help, dear princess---there is good in you, I can see it! 

And to him, you said 

No, I value you too much as a fool, to elevate you to Prince status, 

I'd rather keep you where you are. 

He gave a thousand pages and you gave him a cliché. 

But the fool chuckled an idiot laugh, and walked away... 

And you sighed and wiped your brow. 

I hope that the fool does move on from you 

And grows and finds love-a better, albeit less bewitching love, 

Who appreciates what good things a fool can give, 

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