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A Lifeless life (standard:drama, 390 words)
Author: Jeremy JonesAdded: Feb 08 2004Views/Reads: 2046/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A man stands on a beach, wondering what kind of life he lives. For each day is always his first, unable to remember his last.

My feet scrunch up the sand beneath my toes, the feelings that rush
through me should be forbidden, and indeed they are. The water 
continues to recede, the wet sand begins to dry, and I know that my 
time is running out. A feeling of remorse overcomes me, for the 
memories of the day will soon be destroyed. Each day I live is the 
first day of my life, each morning I see my first sunset. To continue 
this life would be a waste, but even I am unaware of what life I live. 
I could have a wife at a country home, with kids running to greet me 
everyday. Alas, I don't even own a shirt, I have no money and nothing 
to buy. 

For all I know I was created by society, to live out their freedom. If I
ever had a mother or father they would long be gone by now. I am 
unaware of my own age, but the scares and wrinkles tell of a sad and 
long life. My physical condition is perfect, today I stared at myself 
in the mirror, gazing at the definition of my abs. Maybe this is how I 
always start my day, admiring myself in the mirror. I must have worked 
hard and long for such a body, scrutinized everything that touched my 
mouth. But what about my happiness, do I live my life enjoying it? Or 
do I simply ponder these same questions everyday? 

My watch brings me back to reality, the technology used to create this
device amazes me. I'm sure the watch remembers more about my life than 
I do. Strangely enough certain things do stay in my memory, perhaps 
only because I repeat them everyday? I walk away from the beach and 
towards a grey van, whose driver no doubt knows my real name. Stepping 
inside and sitting in the passenger seat I feel a calming wave of 
relaxation. Maybe it's the sound of the ocean, or the wind blowing into 
the car that has created this feeling. I turn to look at my driver, 
seeing the culprit of my relaxed state, a needle in his hands. I know 
this, this is the dark zone, my memories will soon be forgotten, and I 
will awake to my first day once more. 

--Jeremy Jones 2004. Comments welcome--


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