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Epilogue to Shake the Disease (standard:fantasy, 435 words) [11/11] show all parts
Author: JenkisAdded: Dec 18 2000Views/Reads: 1509/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
God has a sick sense of Humor. *FEEDBACK APPRECIATED*

The bright light of the sun woke Sioux up. She sat up on her bed and
frowned at the fact that Gwendal was nowhere in sight. She stood up and 
stretched her cat-like body before walking to her window and looking 
out. Strange, she thought, that no one was out in sight. Perhaps the 
*Vampyres* hadnít hunted in this part of Shadow Way. She walked back to 
her mirror and took a look at herself. After all these years, her 
beauty hadnít left her but she was only a shadow of the Sioux she once 
was. She put on the black blouse, pants and boots and covered her eyes 
with the lenses before stepping out to the hall. 

ďGwendal?Ē she called into the empty hallway and no one answered. She
frowned once more and decided to take a look in Aikenís room. 

Gwendal had woken in the middle of the night to go check on Aiken as
both of them often did and she had drifted back to sleep before he came 
back. But had he really come back? The question gnawed at her 
subconscious. Perhaps heíd fallen asleep in Aikenís room but she 
seriously doubted it. Perhaps heíd left her as he had threatened to do 
all those times they had those horrible fights. At that thought she 
raised her brows, wondering if it would make a difference to her if 
Gwendal was absent in her life. She then realized that after all these 
years she had come to care about him. But what about Aiken? Did Gwendal 
take him as well? Sioux grimaced as she thought of her life without 
Aiken and Gwendal. But Aiken wouldnít have left without her, she knew 
it. At fourteen, Aiken was very mature for his age and loved his Mother 
tenderly. He was probably sleeping in late as he did sometimes. She 
hesitated a moment before opening her sonís door. 

She gasped when she came in the room, her nostrils filling up with the
odor of blood, but what she stared at was her sonís window, wide open 
as the sun peered in and the soft breeze moved the black curtains. She 
stood still staring at that window and the possibilities it opened 
before very slowly her gaze drifted towards the bed. 

And there they were, Father and Son, wrapped in each otherís arms; their
open and lifeless eyes staring into nothing as the soaked black sheets 
dripped ruby red blood onto the floor. 

*  *  * 

In the City of the Dead, as she slept in Drakonís arms, Taiís lush mouth
curved into a cold smile. 


This is part 11 of a total of 11 parts.
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