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Watching. (standard:drama, 1266 words)
Author: jenne64Added: Dec 18 2000Views/Reads: 3427/1766Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Jessica watched him,not knowing what this night would change her life forever. Feedback always appreciated.

Watching. By Jenne64 

Jessica stood in the doorway, watching the clock tick away the hours,
the minutes,and the seconds until he would return. A few more minutes, 
just a few more minutes, and through the door he would surely burst, 
like a tornado ready to sweep havoc on her life. 

She glanced around around the room. Everything was in order, everything
ready for his homecoming. She felt the fear rise within her as she 
watched and waited. Friday nights were never good nights in their 
household. Too many times had this happened now, and she knew she 
needed to break free, but instead she just stood and watched, seemingly 
powerless to do little else. She had nowhere to run, she had no where 
to hide, so instead she just watched and waited. 

Her body tensed as the door knob turned, still she stood and watched,
her eyes wide open, her hands wringing , cold and sweaty. She watched 
as his dishevelled face appeared around the door, quickly followed by 
his body. As usual he was having trouble coordinating his steps. A good 
sign as far as Jessica was concerned. 

As his body slumped into the armchair, his armchair, she waited for his
command ready to spring into action. 

"More beeeer." came the slurred sound. 

Jessica hurried into the kitchen, hastily retreiving the cool can from
the even cooler refrigerator. As the cool air hit her she wondered for 
just one moment, if life was really supposed to be like this. She was 
sure it wasn't but... 

"I said, where's my beer?" His angry voice drifted through the apartment
and Jessica knew better than to keep him waiting. 

'Maybe he'll sleep after this one.' The thought hung in her head as she
opened the can and procceded  to offer him it. 

Roughly he grabbed it from her. 

Jessica watched now. Watched the man that she had once loved beyond
anything else, as he placed the can to his lips, the lips that had once 
kissed her with such affection ,but now only offered cold words and 
harsh critisms. 

"Anything to eat?" Jessica stiffled not only a sigh, but also the
overwhelming urge she felt to tell him about herself, the way she felt. 
She suddenly wanted to hurt him, the way he was hurting her, but she 
resisted, all to aware of the concequences. 

"Sure, what would you like this evening?" She fought hard to keep the
sarcasm from her voice as she replied. Jessica watched as he began to 
use the remote control to flick from channel to channel on the old 
black and white TV. 

"Anything. Just don't get smart with me Missy, I don't need your bloody
airs and graces." 

Quickly Jessica retreated to the kitchen.  Once more she opened the
fridge and began to examine it's contents. There wasn't much to see 
inside the cool interior, but she managed to select a microwavable meal 
for one. 

'Lasagne, that should quell his temper a little.'  She all but threw the
meal into the microwave and watched as it spun round just as the 
thoughts in her head were. 

From the living room she could hear him ranting and raving at the TV. 

"God, what is this bloody country coming to? Run by a bunch of pansies
and women. Bloody good for nothings, that's what they are...." 

The rants went on and on just as the meal appeared to spin for eternity
until finally a short ping signalled it was ready. Jessica placed it on 
the plate and hastily made her way towards him. She offered him the 
plate, forcing herself to smile. 

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