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Fish's Human-hunt (youngsters:fantasy, 3257 words)
Author: fissAdded: Mar 03 2004Views/Reads: 3418/1674Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
After trapping themselves in the house, Simon disappeared, Jessica went nuts and the three children are left leaderless. They must find a way to save and rescue Simon, that is, if he's still alive. But first of all, they must stay alive...

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I suddenly feel an unknown horror cast over me. 

Leave the water.  I stood a distance away from the water rim and watched

¡®Now, you¡¯re safe,¡¯ I comforted myself.  Fishes cannot survive
without water, nor can they fly, against the laws of physics. 

Except maybe they¡¯re not fishes, which turned out to be true later. 
They¡¯re not humans or anything near human, either. 

An unpleasant feeling washed over me, something more than horror.  Fear,
that is, that makes me sick to my stomach.  Trouble was coming out 

My logic told me, I¡¯m must be totally worn out and needed some sleep or
else I will go NUTS.  But I looked around; my classmate¡¯s told me I 
wasn¡¯t worrying for nothing. 

They feel trouble, too.  Their facial expressions all told me the same

Something is wrong. 

We stood there, staring at each other blankly.  Fishes don¡¯t live in a
basement full of water without someone even feeding them (according to 
the old man), nor do fishes disappear out of nowhere, and fishes don¡¯t 
cause horror. 

Totally wrong. 

Suddenly, someone tackled me from behind. 

¡°DOWN!¡± Simon yelled.  Jessica screamed loudly, and I sprawled face
flat on the floor, kissing the ground.  My long hair dipped into the 
water, and something started tugging at it so hard that my scalp almost 
came off my skull. 

I swung my head sideways and cracked my right temple on the steps. 
Stars floated around me, but at least I jerked my hair away from the 

I wish I hadn¡¯t.  Because of that jerk, my vision turned upwards and I
saw what made Simon yell and Jessica scream. 

The female shark had leaped out of the water and sailed over or heads
like a flying fish.  If I hadn¡¯t been tackled, the shark would have 
bit my head off already. 

¡°Holy sh!t!¡± I cursed. 

¡°Get the hell away from that water, you waiting for it to come back for
you or what?¡± Simon yelled at me ¡°Hurry!¡± 

The shark made a ¡°U¡± shape in the air and plopped back in the water,
ready for a second charge.  The other fishes apparently had plans to 
join her this time.  They gathered around the water rim. 

¡°RUN!!!¡± Simon bellowed.  I crawled up to my feet with all four and
yanked Jessica up.  We sprinted for the top of the stairs, the six of 
us, like hell. 

¡°So what was that?¡± Christopher gasped as we tried to catch our breath
leaning on the wall on first floor. 

No one answered him.  No one could or can.  Simon looked shocked, yet he
remained calm and frowned while thinking.  Haifen¡¯s face looked as if 
she hadn¡¯t been exposed to sunlight for years.  If I didn¡¯t know I¡¯d 
think that Jessica just suffered from a memory loss; her face blank and 

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