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Be With Me (standard:poetry, 185 words)
Author: HAdded: Mar 08 2004Views/Reads: 1745/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A poem about friendship and death

Be With Me 

Why is it I'm dreaming of my end? 

Can't you tell me that it's just a dream, my friend? 

Well, perhaps it really is no dream, 

And, for once, things happen as they seem. 

Still and all, I wish you'd reassure me. 

Can't you be a friend and so uphold me? 

After all, the portents of my nightmare 

Could lead me, alone, off to anywhere. 

Even if it's true, then hold my hand, 

Be with me as I cross the desert sand, 

Uphold me as I clamber up the crags, 

Be with me even when my courage lags. 

I know, friend, that my dreams may be the future. 

But still, I need your steps, so strong and so sure. 

Walk beside me, lending me your arm. 

Whatever happens, friend, what is the harm? 

Even if I'm dying, let me take 

The memory of friendship to my wake. 

Be assured that I will not forget you. 

Even if it is that my dream is true, 

As I tread the path on toward the end, 

Let me lean upon the courage of a friend.


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