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Gwen (standard:horror, 1137 words)
Author: kgothchickAdded: Dec 20 2000Views/Reads: 2682/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Gwen and Sam take a little...' the park

Gwen stuck her leg out and smiled. "Like my new garter, babe? It goes
with the cape." Sam raised an eyebrow and looked at her. "Is that for 
yours, mine, or someone else's enjoyment?" Gwen just smiled and pulled 
her leg back. "Actually, it has many purposes. It does quite well as a 
knife holder." To prove her point, she slid her knife into the band on 
her leg. She licked her lips and walked away from Sam slowly, sure he 
was looking thoughtfully at her as she walked away. She knew him that 
well. Gwen suddenly turned around and looked at Sam. "Well? are you 
coming or are you just going to sit there staring?" Sam smiled 
slightly, got up, and walked out of the house after Gwen. 

Kyle sat under the tree in the park and lit a cigarette. Nothing better
to do tonight. All his friends were busy, and his girlfriend was 
working tonight. It was actually rather fun to sit in the park in the 
middle of the night and observe what kind of people came by. He had 
counted at least 7 hookers and 2 pimps, not to mention the number of 
drug dealers and druggies that roamed around at night. Suddenly a 
couple walked into sight. The guy was dressed all in black, and the 
girl {or at least it was what Kyle assumed was a girl} was wearing a 
floor-length black cape with a hood that covered her face. They stood 
in front of a nearby bench and talked for a couple of minutes. Then the 
man walked behind some nearby bushes and hid. The girl {Kyle was pretty 
sure it was a girl now because it seemed she was wearing absolutely 
nothing beneath the cape} just sat down on the bench. Kyle frowned in 
confusion, cause why in the hell would 2 people, one wearing next to 
nothing, come into the park in the middle of the night just to hide and 
sit on a bench. Sure, they could be playing one very fucked up game of 
Hide'n' Seek, but he doubted it. Kyle sat back against the tree and 
made him self semicomftorable (how comftorable can you get leaning 
against a tree?) to watch what was going to happen. It had to be 
something interesting. Just as Kyle was finishing off his cigarette, he 
saw another person coming in the direction him and the other two were 
in. It was a man, possibly mid- to late twenties. More than likely a 
druggie searching for his dealer. 

Gwen smiled as she saw the man approaching. She had only been here for
about 15 minutes and somebody was coming along already. When the man 
was close enough to see her, she sat up and pushed her cape back a 
little bit, then pushed her hood off. This was going to be interesting. 
She slipped her hand down to her leg and caressed knife gently. Yes, 
very interesting indeed. She crossed her legs, sat up straight, and 
pushed her cape back a little more. As the man walked up he saw the 
woman sitting on the bench. His eyes opened wide in shock. This lady 
was sitting on the bench almost completely naked. She had very long 
dark red hair and her lips were blood-red. Her nails were blood-red 
too, and her eyes looked almost black. As he walked by her, the lady 
stood and walked up to him. His eyes opened wider as she came closer 
and stood right before him. Then she pressed herself against him. He 
could feel her body heat through his clothes. The lady licked her lips 
and smiled up at him. Then her hand moved down to her leg, and the next 
thing he saw was a flash in the lamp-light of the park. Gwen pulled her 
knife out of her garter and slid it into the unsuspecting mans stomach. 
He groaned and fell to the ground, Gwen standing above him and still 
smiling. Sam came out of the bushes with a knife in his hand and 
kneeled over the man. He grinned slightly evilly, laid the tip of the 
knife at the mans throat, and slowly ran it down his body until he got 
to the start of the mans abdomen. Then he ran it back up the mans body 
until he got to his shoulder. Sam placed the knife on top of the mans 
shoulder and stabbed him with it, almost severing his arm. Sam did the 
same to the other arm, and both of the mans legs. (It was harder to do 
the legs since they were bigger) Then Sam stepped back and Gwen stepped 
forward, her knife gleaming in the streetlight. She placed the knife 
lightly on his neck and slowly slit the mans throat. He wasn't dead 
yet, but he would be very soon due to the loss of blood. Gwen knew this 
so she had to finish quickly so he would feel the rest of the pain. She 
slit his throat vertically, making a sort of a cross, then reached down 
and pulled the flesh away. While she held his warm skin in her hands, 
Sam reached his hands down to pull out the inside of the mans neck. 
Then Sam and Gwen picked up the body (which wasnt too easy due to the 
fact that his limbs were falling off) and put it on the bench, its back 
facing outward. Gwen subtlety covered the man in newspapers so it would 
look like a hobo sleeping in the park. Gwen then wiped her knife off on 
one of his legs and stuck it back in her garter. Sam smiled at her, 
wiped his knife, and stuck it back into his jacket. Then the took hold 
of eachothers hands and walked away. 

Kyle sat speechless, not really believing what he had just seen. 'NO
WAY' he thought. There was no way in hell what he had just seen had 
actually happened. He must be having a bad dream or something. He 
looked down at the cigarette butts surrounding him. No more coffee and 
cigarettes for him. He got up and walked in the other direction from 
where Sam and Gwen were going. He just needed to get home and get in 
bed. That was it...... 

Gwen smiled and watched Sam sit on the chair in the kitchen. She walked
to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of water. Gwen took a drink 
of it, set it down, and smiled at Sam. He put up his hand and waved her 
over to him. Gwen complied. She sat down on Sam's lap and kissed him 
gently. He wrapped his arms around her, picked her up, and carried her 
to their bedroom. Gwen was glad. Killing always made him better in 


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