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English and Four Teens (standard:other, 5484 words)
Author: Sonny HarmanAdded: Mar 12 2004Views/Reads: 1942/1201Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Four teens team up to write on every subject they feel needs to be explored--philosophy, religion, faith, science, government, you name it, we probably discussed it.




Here's how the world began:        . That's it. That is the reason for
existence, faith, death,  and calculus. No really, it is. That's how 
four college-bound seniors summed it up. I would know. I'm one of them. 
Had they answered any differently, I would have had to call them liars 
to their faces. NO ONE KNOWS. GROW UP. So we did. We didn't know, but 
we could speculate. And we did. This is what this book added up to: the 
exploration of the universe and all of its mysteries by a bunch of 
geeks. Nerds. You read me? Good.  Enjoy. 

It started as an English project, and took on a life of its own. Page
after page, line after line, we four wrote the meaning of life. Or at 
least its meaning to us. Screw the rest of the world. We're teenagers, 
we don't care. It started as a joke, mostly, one of us poking holes in 
another's argument about morals and ethics, someone else arguing an 
entire period about the way time is going forwards instead of backwards 
and how time travel would be impossible. Or so they think. I think 
they're wrong. Then that crazy English teacher, who shall remain 
nameless, proposed the project of a lifetime: produce art, spread it to 
the world, get an A. That simple. An hour later, we concocted a plan to 
spread our doctrine into the universe. And here we are. Right here, 
right now. 

As you read this, read the meaning behind the words. We are writing
about every facet of our beliefs, our emotions, our minds, and our 
hearts. We are bearing it all in this one work of art, this one 
cover-to-cover journey into the psyche of an average, college-bound, 
senior high, profoundly absent of normalcy, geek. Read and understand. 
You or your child may be one of us. 

As you read this, not only are we expanding upon our original ideas, we
are growing into more profound human beings. Ideas are the chariots of 
the mind, guiding in the direction of learning and knowledge. By 
writing our ideas, not only do we advance our learning, but we aid in 
the learning of others, just like Chicken Soup for the Soul is supposed 
to do, only using morals and emotions and lessons for better living as 
a guide. We're using us. Profound. Very profound. And by using 
ourselves in such a way, we not only expand our learning, we gain a 
better understanding of ourselves and each other. Also profound. 

There's a flip-side to this book, too. We don't know what we're writing
about either. Each one of us writes a page. I took the first. As each 
page is finished, it is passed on to the next writer, who takes that 
page and that page alone and writes a second page. That second page is 
sent to the third person, who writes the third page without ever seeing 
the first page. He only has knowledge of the page written before his. 
There are four of us, and we plan to write a number of pages, expanding 
on each other's ideas as well as starting some of our own. In this way, 
we draw closer to each other, and become not only closer friends, but 
faster typers. I'm really slow. The next guy's faster. Really. You 
should see him. He's a maniac. See? We're closer friends already. I'd 
tell you to try it yourself, but if you're reading this book, you're 
probably a geek too. Too bad you don't have many friends to write with. 
Read on anyway. Read on. NOW. 

“IN THE BEGINNING there was dark. All the universe was without form. But
order was imposed upon the chaos. Stars coalesced, ignited, blazed, and 
died. A thousand thousand thousand worlds were spun out of dust, in 
obedience to perfect law. And so it was for a thousand thousand 
thousand years. And then on a common world, revolving around a common 
star, life arose. Simple creatures, at least at first, bacteria and 
plants, evolving into fish, and lizards, and birds, and mice, and apes, 
and men, and whatever they shall be tomorrow. And there may be more and 
better worlds that we can't even see. So that's your answer. From apes, 
from viruses, from an ordinary lump of thrice-processed stellar matter, 
and finally from nothing.” 

“But where did the matter come from?” asked the Student. 

“From God, perhaps. It was always there. Or, more accurately, not

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