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Nikki (standard:horror, 1625 words)
Author: kgothchickAdded: Dec 21 2000Views/Reads: 3165/1676Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Nikki isn't just your average teenager...


Nikki sat up in bed, the early morning light streaming through the
window waking her. "Oh, Fuck." she muttered to herself. "I overslept.." 
She looked over at the body lying next to her. Nikki poked his shoulder 
and said "Why didn't you wake me up?" Then she laughed softly as she 
saw the blood seeping through the sheets. "Oh, now I remember." she 
whispered as she leaned over him. "You were good baby, but you got 
boring.." Slipping out of the bed, Nikki pulled on Kevin's huge robe 
and walked to the bathroom to start a shower. She had to wash all the 
blood off of herself. Nikki left the water to heat up and walked back 
into the bedroom. Kevin lay in the bed, his arms spread, a bloody sheet 
wrapped around him. It didn't hide the large, bloody, gaping cavity 
throughout his chest, or his insides, trailing around his body. Sighing 
heavily, Nikki turned around and went back to the bathroom to take her 
shower. She had alot of cleaning up to do. 

On her hands and knees, Nikki finished scrubbing the blood off the
floor. She stood up and cracked her back, smiling. It had been a 
tedious, but fun night. All that remained was Kevin's body, sprawled in 
the middle of the bed. It was now devoid of sheets and pillows. They 
had been tossed in the bonfire she had made in the backyard. Kevin was 
next. The ashes would be buried when everything was gone. Every drop of 
blood was cleaned: she was dressed. The only thing that was left to do 
was to dispose of poor, dear, slightly dead Kevin. Nikki walked back 
into the house and up the stairs to the master bedroom. Smiling to 
herself (for there was no one else around) she walked over to Kevin's 
body and gripped the arms, pulling the corpse off of the bed. Sighing, 
Nikki dragged the limp body down the stairs and out the door, then 
dropped it off in front of the fire. She pushed her long dark hair off 
of her forehead and kicked the body that lay in front of her. "Why do 
you have to be so damn heavy?" Nikki asked. When there was no answer, 
she frowned and muttered "You always were a dumbass...." She laughed a 
little and shook her head, then proceeded to shove the body headfirst 
into the fire. 

The wind blew Nikki's long black hair around her face. She was singing
softly as she drove home in her silver Mustang convertible. Nikki 
pulled up in front of the enormous house, still singing. She climbed 
out of the car and let herself in the front door. A note awaited her on 
the refrigerator, basically telling her that her mother and father were 
on a business trip for the next two weeks. Nikki laughed a bit. If her 
parents knew what she did on average of once a month, she doubted 
they'd go on so many business trips. They would probably lock her up in 
a mental hospital. But, Nikki knew what she was doing, and knew she 
couldn't be caught. She was still in high school, 17 and a junior. She 
felt so much older though. Nikki opened the refrigerator after reading 
the note again and pulled out a large bowl of strawberries. Walking up 
the stairs to her room, she sucked on a berry lightly, thinking about 
her next plaything. 


Nikki wrapped her arms around Chris' neck and placed her lips on his
lightly. He went after her tongue with his immediately. They made out 
for about twenty minutes, until Nikki pulled away and smiled up at 
Chris. "I should be going." she said softly, then leaned up to him, and 
whispered in his ear very softly "Tomorrow night, pick me up at 
7...I...want to show you something." Nikki kissed him again, then 
climbed out of the car and walked slowly up the front lawn to her 
house. She turned her head and watched Chris drive away, smiling. She 
had some plans for that man. He was thirty-one and had a thing for 
younger girls. Nikki smiled again and tugged at the hem of her 
extremely short skirt. She had felt Chris' eyes all over her body all 
night, and knew he wanted her....wanted her bad. She had met him in a 
coffee shop when she went to get her morning croissant. From the second 
she saw him, she knew he was going to be her next toy. That had been a 
week ago, and she meant to have him tomorrow night. Nikki wouldn't get 
rid of him until she got bored. And even that would take another month 
or so. She planned to use Chris. But, then again, she used all of her 
guys. At least they all die happy men she thought to herself. Then she 
smiled and laid down on her bed. It was going to be one interesting 

Nikki looked out the window, then back at her clock. 6:57. She pulled

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