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Sarah Bishop (standard:horror, 3731 words)
Author: M. Richard SmithAdded: Mar 22 2004Views/Reads: 2088/1179Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young man's past activities return unexpectedly to change his life.

Sarah Bishop by M. Richard Smith 

  Life was easy for Ryan Mather. Perhaps it had become a little too
easy. The twenty-one year old had not set any goals beyond spending a 
few extra years in school before having to face the real world, and his 
life had become stale. Over the past two years, he had become well 
known and quite popular at the small Massachusetts college. In fact, 
with all the exposure he received as the lead in most of the school's 
theater productions, he had become something of a celebrity. 

Most of his time was spent eating, drinking and rehearsing in the same
small cluster of classrooms, neatly tucked behind the stage. He already 
knew everybody who regularly ventured into the area. Most of the 
females, he had known more than once. Once, he even got laid in the 
same semi-circular, acoustically enhanced choral room where he now sat 
waiting for Music Appreciation 101 to begin. He was a big fish in the 
little pond of Wrentham College, but the pond had become stagnant. He 
watched the other students enter the room, as usual, paying attention 
only to the females. Most were freshmen or 'fresh meat', as he thought 
of them. He knew they would be, which is exactly why he had enrolled in 
the class. 

One by one they filed in, naïve little hotties; each one firmly molded
in her plastic personality after having been convinced throughout high 
school that she ought to be in movies or magazines. Every one of them 
checked him out as she entered the room, scanning his strong but 
un-intimidating stature, then gazing at his ice-blue eyes and smiling. 
This was something Ryan was quite used to and he was well aware of 
their attention to him, but pretended not to notice. His natural 
ability to charm the opposite sex was a gift that came with his good 
looks. He knew he could easily entice any of them into playful 
conversation with a simple wink; and playful conversation usually led 
wherever Ryan wanted it to, but he was bored and desperately wanted a 
change. He was looking for something new. Then something new walked 
through the door. 

She was different. She was older, probably late twenties, and somewhat
thicker than the other girls were. She was not what he considered fat, 
but certainly less frail. This one didn't look as if she would break if 
he merely touched her. There was a semblance of toughness about her and 
he thought she might have been around the block a few times. 
Nevertheless, she was cute and he was attracted to her. She walked 
across the front of the room to the podium and signed the attendance 
roster, then chose a seat in front and slightly to the right of Ryan. 
Close enough that he could taste the sweetness of her cologne. It was 
the same perfume worn by the woman to whom he gave his virginity so 
many years earlier and though he could not even remember her name, he 
would never forget the seductiveness of her Animale. 

Her alabaster skin tone lent a complementing contrast to her all-black
outfit. A suede jacket, zipped only at the bottom, covered the 
waistline of the short leather skirt that clung like a second skin to 
her thighs, while a feminized fedora rested playfully on her kinky 
bleach-blond hair. Her lips were the color and brightness of a candied 
apple. In his mind, they tasted sweeter. She glanced at him and smiled. 
The sparkle of silver glitter high on her cheek below her caramel 
colored eyes held him captive. Something about this mystery girl 
intrigued him. He wanted to reach out and massage her shoulders or 
gently stroke the nape of her neck, a technique he had used in the past 
that usually yielded positive results, but something told him that this 
girl wouldn't fall for such a ploy, so he restrained himself. For the 
first time in as long as he could remember, he was intimidated by the 
presence of a woman. In a way, it was somewhat exciting. 

Ryan's eyes wandered south along her profile and locked onto the
three-inch slit in the skirt that rested halfway between her knee and 
her hips. Pretending not to notice, she stretched her hand beneath the 
desktop and peeled back a small section of her skirt, revealing for him 
alone, a bright pink smiley face sticker and the word 'hello'. Maybe 
this semester would not suck after all. "Hi, I'm... 

"Ryan. Ryan Mather." She finished the introduction for him. 

"Oh. How do you know me? Have we met?" 

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