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Never Walk Alone (standard:fantasy, 1619 words)
Author: Frederico BonanzaAdded: Apr 06 2004Views/Reads: 1762/1045Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The short lives of the two main characters are described to us from their own unique perspective. With Heart-felt moments, several humorous ones and a slightly unexpected ending, it engages the reader to think about things in an alternative way.

I made my name in the movies when I was very young. A walk-on cameo role
in one of Clint Eastwood's old movies, it was. You might know it. In 
the Line of Fire. Great movie. I heard numerous people comment on how 
well I looked on camera. Really helped to enhance Clint's appearance on 
the big screen. When I hear that, well it annoys me slightly. I was 
only doing what I was bought to do after all. 

I'm almost fifteen years of age now. I'm short, brown in colour, and a
little old-fashioned now I believe. I have an almost identical twin 
brother, who played alongside myself and Clint in that particular 
movie. Clint played a presidential bodyguard, so as you can imagine it 
involved a lot of running and dodging of bullets. Myself and my brother 
were exhausted by the end of shooting each evening. It was all worth it 
though. Sometimes I wonder how many, in a similar situation to my own, 
get to participate in Hollywood movies. I feel lucky for what I have 
achieved in such a short period of time. 

Sadly, my relationship with Clint ended at “Cut”. We have never been in
contact since. In fact, immediately after the movie was released in the 
States, my brother and I were sold on. Show-business is a cruel 
business as many know. Even crueller was the manner in which we were 
bought. An auction? How prehistoric is that? We were nothing more than 
slaves, doing people‘s work for them. Our new owner however, A huge 
Eastwood fan, was one of the kindest, most pleasant-smelling women we 
could ever have hoped to meet. In fact, we actually did not mind 
working for her, because in the four years that we were there, she only 
worked us twice. We lived a royal life. She kept us warm, dry and clean 
and for us, this was the very most she could have done. We appreciated 
it so much. 

It was while we stayed with Ruth that I fell in love for the first time.
It was a rainy afternoon I remember. Myself, my brother and Ruth's 
Fiance, Jack were in town. Ruth had insisted that Jack should bring us  
to the interview that he had scheduled for that particular afternoon. 
He did not put up much of a fight either. As we all walked proudly up 
the street, it was only for a split-second that I saw her. She passed 
so quickly, but I knew instantly. She was white in colour, slightly 
pale for my usual taste, but what a body. Tall, rounded backside, just 
absolutely stunning. How I would have loved to step out with her! The 
woman that accompanied her smelled so sweet also. The entire moment 
captivated me. My brother had been looking directly at her from the 
other side, and did not seem at all bothered. There's no accounting for 
some people's taste is there? 

I had not much time to dwell though, as Jack seemed to be incredibly
short of it. We all began running down the street. Jack as quick as his 
legs would take him. We tried desperately to keep up. By this juncture 
we were all soaked. We wished, as did Jack we felt, that Jack had not 
decided to bring us with him. We only succeeded to slow him down. We 
never had been runners. We were simply not cut out for it. 

When we arrived home from our day out, drenched to the core, Jack was
not happy. Myself and my brother were thrown in the hall as he marched 
into the kitchen to confront Ruth. Her idea to bring us was clearly not 
the best she had ever had, but the thuds that were heard afterwards 
were mighty. Apparently, we had cost Jack the job that he so dearly 
wanted. But it was Ruth who was really paying the price. It was not my 
brother's fault that, as a result of all the running, he landed 
awkwardly on the ground and split his head. It was however unfortunate, 
that it caused Jack to be a little later than he would have liked to 
have been. Storming out of the kitchen, Jack pushed me out of the way 
and reached in under the stairs for his gear-bag. It did not take long 
to fill it upstairs, and in a matter of minutes he was out of the house 

Poor Ruth! One might say that Jack overreacted, but it was more a case
of the straw that broke the camel's back. They had not been happy for a 
while. At least, myself and my brother convinced ourselves of that. 
Surely, we could not have been the sole cause of their break-up. A 
violent day all round really. First, the lashing rain. Then, my 
brother's split head. A bitter bust-up between lovers. Now, poor Ruth's 
face. Blood dripped from her brow and her nose and still she was more 
concerned with seeing to my brother. “Oh my! Look at what that bastard 
did to you”. She picked my brother up on to the hall-table and did what 
she could with the top of his head.  I think it was a couple of 

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