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Finding True Love Again (standard:poetry, 321 words)
Author: bamagirl29Added: Apr 13 2004Views/Reads: 1876/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
pain of loosing in love, hiding your heart for many years, then finding the one person that teaches you to love again and realeases your heart from the chains of the lost love before

When I was young, I believed in destiny and fate, 

And I always hoped he would come before it was to late. 

My life has been filled with pain and heartache, 

By the time I was grown, I knew loneliness was my fate. 

But some where deep down inside I knew he was out there , 

He had lost in love and was hurting the same as I was here. 

My world continued to shatter and tears continued to fall, 

There were times I wondered why I even bothered at all. 

Then one day it happen I said no more and gave up all up, 

I wasn't going to hurt any more, it's the only way I could cope. 

I took my heart and chained it up for the better of three years, 

I was tired of the pain and crying all those lonely tears. 

I swore to myself I would not let any one close not even near, 

I spent that whole time hiding my heart in fear. 

I had completely forgotten how to love or to be true, 

Then one day out of the blue, it happened, I met you. 

I tried to hide them and not let the chains show, 

But you some how knew and broke them all with just one blow. 

I don't even have to say it just look into my eyes and you will know, 

You reached apart of me I thought I would never again show. 

I cherish every moment we are together and dread it when we are apart, 

Some how, some way you have found the key to my heart. 

I don't when or how it happened, but beleive me it's true, 

You have changed my whole world, you turned my grey skies blue. 

And I thank God every day and night for letting me find you, 

Words can't never begin to describe just how much I really truely 



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