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nothing 2 (standard:poetry, 145 words)
Author: rotionaryAdded: Apr 20 2004Views/Reads: 1640/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

i am angry with this life. 

i know myself, and this isnt me. 

why is it that the only person who sees ME 

is thousands of miles away? 

why cant you all see me, 

not the facade i put on every time 

someone walks into the same room as me 

dont you remember me from before? 

cant you see what this is doing to me? 

is it my turn to be selfish? 

is it my turn to want? 

i just want to be happy. 

totally. completely. 

you are supposed to provide for me. 

i am tired of what this whole thing makes me fell like. 

i am a traitor. not to you. 

but to me. 

i dont know how to hurt you. 

but i dont know how to make you see. 

i am a dieing blossom, down under this big tree. 

no sunlight finds me. 


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