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nothing 6 (standard:poetry, 161 words)
Author: rotionaryAdded: Apr 21 2004Views/Reads: 2122/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

what do i know? 

im only a child, right? 

i know nothing pertenant to this world, right? 

what i knew, you seem to want erased. 

and me, taught all over again. 

i know enough. in some matters i know more than you. 

i have given up so much.. you should know. 

but do you sympathize? no. 

you act like you rescued me from some third world country 

and that i should be grateful. 

we'll i was. but not for that. 

i was grateful to see you again. 

i was grateful to have a break. 

but thats it. 

you need to understand that i am NOT a little girl. 

i havent been for a very long time. 

i will know things and i wont be sheltered. 

i dont need it. 

i dont want to be reasponsable, 

but i dont want anyone looking over my shoulder. 

why dont you understand. 

this is me,this is what i know. 

please dont try to change me. 


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