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NO BEER, NO DANCE, NO DATE (standard:adventure, 503 words)
Author: CAROL NATUKUNDAAdded: Apr 22 2004Views/Reads: 1928/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A bunch of us do something like boozing,,,,coz we want to please our friends,,,we dont want to be left out of our company!!


By Carol Natukunda 

The other weekend found me with nothing more exciting to do so I
wandered off to TLC.It was proving to be one of those quiet evenings 
down town Kampala. (At least for a bunch of Arsenal guys who had lost 
to Man-U.) 

But as I approached George Street, there was a wonderful tension that
seized me.  Car horns were bleating, shoes clattering to the entrance, 
to the supposedly 'Tender Loving Care.' (Of course it's not about the 
music group). Everyone was in a reluctant mood, in unison for this one 
night of the week. There were hunks holding on tightly to their babes' 
hands, as if they were preventing them not to be pulled away by a 
loner. And then they were smiling, laughing and humming to the tune of 
the music. 

For a start, I got myself a soda to feel in place like everybody else.
Then I sat next to the entrance with lots of friends. In an hour 
though, everybody had ordered for a beer, wine or something of the 
sort. Never mind whether I also did likewise. Many of us would not dare 
get out of step from our company anyway. 

A couple entered and the gentleman ordered for two beers. The lady
however did not probably feel like she wanted to taste anything like 
booze. "Drink or be left out," shouted the gentleman. "No drink, no 
dance, no date." Ultimately, there was little option to ignore the 
drink. Kelly, for that's her name, finally took the Nile. To refuse it 
would have meant cancellation of the whole date. 

Then this got me thinking. In a hang out place like TLC, when you
decline to a beer, you are accused of keeping to yourself, more than 
necessary. Because of social pressure, boozing seems the thing to do. 
It's probably not because one is thirsty or likes the taste of alcohol 
or the smell of it. But simply because a lot of us don't want our 
friends to think we are queer. 

"There's lack of conviction to be different," says one Beth. It seems a
natural desire to be congenial, with a group one is hanging out. A 
soda, or mineral water is only taken to dilute the liquor so one does 
not get over drunk. 

It a big challenge to stick to your stand, thought. The one, who
suggested liquor to you in vain, would have to think twice next time. 
It would perhaps earn you some respect. 

Although it may be a good decision to act differently, once in a while,
we probably must put out of our minds that 'rigid moment' and follow 
suit to the rest of our friends. 

One thing is certain though. By the wee hours of the morning, all the
money will have been spent. And the hangover even requires you to do 
even more queer things the next day. But before the hung out day, 
nothing is spent yet. Is it worth it? 


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