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My Soul Mate, My Love (standard:poetry, 191 words)
Author: EmilyAdded: Dec 28 2000Views/Reads: 2312/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A short poem that I wrote for the one I love

My Soul Mate, My Love 

I feel so safe 

Lying in your arms 

Holding me close 

While I fall asleep 

When I wake 

From dreams gone bad 

There you are 

To comfort the sad 

I never dreamed 

I'd find love 

But the first look at you I knew 

You were the one 

True to you heart 

And true to mine 

You mean the world to me 

I knew we were meant to be 

To be together forever 

A bond so true 

It's unbelievable at times 

You are sweet and kind 

Even thought you think you're not 

Something in you makes you change 

I wonder sometimes if you scared 

Scared I may hurt you 

I know how you feel 

At times I've felt the same 

But deep down inside 

My heart knows you're true 

Very few people find the one they're meant to be with 

I on the other hand have found my soul mate 

And you my love are him 

I hope through everything we've gone through 

You will always know that it is you 

My soul mate, my love, my best friend 

I love you from now until the end 


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