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Forever Mine (standard:drama, 3532 words)
Author: EmilyAdded: Dec 29 2000Views/Reads: 2306/1214Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A short story. This is the first story I ever wrote but it hasn't had much exposure to other readers. Feedback would be great.

My name is Casey Reeves, I'm nineteen and work as a dishwasher/cook,
full time. I'm also a mother of a one year old son, Richard Jonathon 
and an aspiring writer. Ricky's father raped me a few days after we 
met. I got pregnant as a result of that and chose to keep Ricky. 

I met a wonderful guy, Caleb Coleman, about a month ago. He's really
great, he cares about Ricky and I which is something that is new to me, 
especially with my past concerning men. 


Leslie, my best friend moved in with us over a month ago. Leslie and
Ricky were playing outside in the sand. It was a nice warm November 
day, we haven't had any snow yet. So we have been taking advantage of 
the weather. I picked up most of Ricky's toys put them away, then i 
collected the dirty dishes and clothes so they could be washed, as i 
was finishing up Leslie came into the house and said, "Uh Case...Mickie 
is outside with Ricky." I headed out the door and Leslie finished 
picking things up. 

"Ricky honey, come here." I said as i walked out on the deck. 


"So you wanna go see what Leslie's doin'?" 

He shook his head yes, then I put him in the house and said, "Leslie,
Ricky's comin'." 

"Alright." Leslie said from the back of the house. 

"So, how ya doin'?" Mickie asked as he smiled. 

"We're all fine. Why?" 

"What's been goin' on?" 

"Not much, just takin' care of Ricky, spending time with him, Leslie and
my boyfriend, Caleb." 

"Boyfriend huh, so how long have you two been together?" 

"A little over two months." 

"Does that mean that I'm Ricky's father?" 

"Why does it matter who Ricky's father is? Caleb and him get along
great. So Ricky has a great male role model." 

"If he's mine, then we're gonna be together and take care of him, as a
family, remember you're forever mine." Mickie said as he walked to me 
and tried to hold me. I backed away and raised my voice, "Get the hell 
away from me and leave us alone!" 

"Mama." Ricky said from the screen door. 

"It's alright honey, go find Leslie." 


Ring . . . . ring . . . . ring . . . . 

"Hello." I heard Leslie say, "Case telephone." 

"I'll be there in a minute." 


"Mickie, you can either leave or wait to be escorted off of the

"Whatever, just remember you're forever mine and I'll be back remember
Mickie Jones will be back." He said calmly, then he left. I came back 
into the house and Ricky ran to me, I picked him up then the phone, 

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