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The past told in the present (standard:poetry, 1346 words)
Author: Mazrim TaimAdded: Dec 29 2000Views/Reads: 2921/1658Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is my first submission, so I could really use feedback. It is the story of a knightly quest to save the world from an evil taint that touched the world in a time forgotten.

Part 1 

A story was once told, 

In the land of the old, 

About the days when they were young, 

And why legends about them were sung, 

The miracles they had passed onto their race, 

Feats thought not able to take place, 

The gifts they had given, 

Were also the cause some were no longer living, 

Everything has its price, 

But time to tell the story and roll the dice, 

In a  kingdom where evil was king, 

Five brave men ventured to attain the ring, 

The ring would cleanse the world from the evil taint, 

The pulsating, the pounding, the dirtyness in which it does paint, 

The land was no longer lush but rotten, 

So long had it been this way that what was had been forgotten, 

From lush land, jungle and forest and lakes 

To dirt, and rocks, what a difference evil makes, 

The beauty that was once unsurpassed, 

Was now an ugly edifice that would seemingly everlast, 

The people knew of nothing better so they did not fight, 

But these five brave men knew of the plight, 

And they gathered one day at a round table in a ramshackle hut, 

And all agreed that through this plague they must cut, 

And restore the power of yesteryear, 

A resurrection was to come, so they contained their fear, 

On a quest, they chose to set, 

And they rode into town to attain the supplies they must get, 

On the way lightning struck 3 feet from each man answered by a
thundering sound, 

And from where it struck trolls arose from the ground, 

The trolls filed into a single column, 

And then appeared a gholam, 

He approached with these words to say 

"Stop now and reverse your way, 

Or you shalt perish, 

And lose all that you cherish, 

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