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Highs, Lows And The Rest (standard:poetry, 265 words)
Author: Red XIIIAdded: Apr 30 2004Views/Reads: 1852/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The feeling of hopelessness... It can kill. Feedback greatly appreciated!

When you've been alone for a while, 

You seem to get acustomed to the style, 

Then one night an old friend says hello, 

Afterwards you realised that you feel so low. 


I don't quite understand these lows and highs, 

Only that following a high I want to cry 

As the low feeling bites away at my heart, 

I need to be out of this circle and get a fresh start. 


I get scared of trying to have some fun, 

Because I know once it's over I'll be under a ton, 

The weight not giving me room to breathe, 

It won't shift at all at my heaviest heave. 


But I'll keep marching on and on, 

Lonely but pretending nothing's wrong, 

One day it'll be too much to bear, 

But no one will notice when I'm no longer there. 


No one knows and why should they care, 

No one notices, they don't know I'm there, 

Through all the sadness and all the tears, 

No one here understands my fears. 


Will this guilt, depression and pain, 

Lift off my shoulders, let me laugh again? 

Will I ever be able to smile once more, 

Or will life continue as before? 


Will there ever be a day 

When all these feelings will fade away? 

One day it's all gonna be too much, 

I don't want to think of the result too much. 


I hate this life and I hate this body, 

Everything around me seems so damn shoddy, 

I'm angry and upset and I see no end, 

I haven't anything left to defend.


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