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Decisiveness (standard:poetry, 243 words)
Author: Red XIIIAdded: May 02 2004Views/Reads: 3359/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I'll put off making that decision, just one more day...

At the end of my long day at work, 

I've decided to put my feet up; 

It's been a while since it's been so berserk, 

And I've still got to make my mind up. 


When there are decisions to be made, 

You've got to be at your best; 

But I'll be standing quietly in the shade, 

Hoping someone bright will do the rest. 


But here I am alone once more, 

Trying to decide what to do; 

Follow your heart to open to the door, 

That's what people tell me to do. 


I don't think I can be asked to decide, 

In my current state of mind; 

My emotions are taking me for a ride, 

As I search wildly for answers I can't find. 


As usual another distraction I guess, 

Will save me for a few minutes more; 

I want to be decisive, not more or less, 

If only it was the answer I saw. 


I'm hate being alone all the time, 

Having to do everything myself; 

I need someone to help me shine, 

And if only I was in better health. 


I keep thinking I must be wrong, 

That things will change to my gain; 

I'll meet someone who can help me along, 

And I can be happy again. 


But for now which way do I turn, 

I still haven't decided yet; 

Does it really matter, I'll never learn, 

To make a decision I don't regret.


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