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SUMMER LUNCHTIME IN THE PARK (standard:poetry, 194 words)
Author: eddiesoloAdded: May 02 2004Views/Reads: 2479/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A lunchtime in a park on a summers day.

With arm slung shielding my eyes, I feel the world around me. 

Sunrays descend, warming my cheeks and heart. 

Disturbed air dances and eddies, rustling the leaves of the trees. 

Chattering birds ‘gossip' in the gently swaying branches. 

Pondering briefly, I wonder what their conversation is about. 

The grass encompasses my body like a sprawling living comforter. 

Snuggling, I try to wrap the greenness around myself. 

I become conscious of other noises, some close others afar. 

Like a leaf flowing on the currents of a stream they drift and swirl. 

Traffic and horns. 

Children screaming and playing. 

A dog barks and a bumble bee ‘buzzes'. 

I turn my attentions to my breathing. 





Drowning out all other sounds from my head. 

I am alive....I feel alive...I... 

I begrudgingly check my watch. 

I'm late! 

Grabbing my rubbish I know this lunchtime has passed. 

Jogging, I deposit the refuse and head for the gate. 

To leave the tranquillity for the chaos outside. 

Back to work. 

Back to the fumes and harshness of life. 

Pausing at the portals entrance, I steal a glance back. 

Smiling, I know tomorrow is another day and that means... 


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